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Almost 1 Year old approved give get removed by Fiverr

Hi all
Is it not funny that a one-year-old approved gig that was most selling in my account today removed by Fiverr and the reason is General violation of TOS.
If it is a violation of TOS then how they first approved it one year ago and
Why other sellers are still selling the same service in their gigs?
It is so annoying and let me tell you 1 more thing, I have created the same gig on another platform which has recently started almost the same feature on their website as Fiverr, have no issue with my gig or services.


the haven’t been caught yet ( in case the services they provide is illegal )

What were you selling ?


Gig was related to android phone flashing and software.
My point is, if it is against TOS then why gig did not get rejected at the time of creation. Its totally ridiculous, I mean it is totally non professional way of working.
Someone flag my gig


And you can also flag the gigs of others whom you say are :arrow_down:


Yes selling the same service in their gigs


Why did you say that 1 year approved gig?

Because your profile shows that you are member since APRIL 2020. :roll_eyes: :question:


There are many thousands of gigs here and few staff. It takes them a while to ban things and they don’t have the bandwidth to ban everything that’s in violation right now.

Stop thinking it’s ok to break the rules because other people are getting away with it.

And you haven’t given us any info about your gig or the violation, yet we’re supposed to side with you?


Read the title “Almost 1 year old”

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Whenever I said its ok to break the rules and have the right to know which rule I had violated so I cant tell you about the violation. My gig was related to flashing/software to smart phones I already have mentioned this above.

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@shakeelt You only have 61 people to report so go ahead.


Where to check how many people reported my gig and what kind of violation was this?

You can’t, and it could not be someone but just Fiverr system catching up.

Rooting is a violation for Fiverr since it breaks Apple TOS.

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Rooting is not related to Apple but Android operating phones.

Then how can you say 61 people to report

jailbreak rooting same thing… You say your service was banned and others are selling it. So report them all and make their service also banned.


So If I remove rooting related stuff from this gig then will it work?

No, it wont work. Just report everybody so their service is also removed.

Simple flashing or upgrading may not be violation of TOS. Your thoughts?

Generally speaking, Fiverr is a very morally aware platform.

While there are no doubt legitimate reasons for flashing or rooting a phone, one of the more doubtful reasons is to (try) and bypass the Google account lock. I suspect Fiverr doesn’t want to be seen helping criminals to profit from stolen phones.

Just because you’ve got away with selling this gig for a year, and just because others are still selling a similar service, doesn’t make it right.


Just out of curiosity.

Were there any smartphones available 14 years ago? I found the first Android smartphone was sold in 2008.

I can not figure out how OP could be expert in smartphones for 14 years.


I guess jailbreaking iPhones (from Gig description) is not welcome by Apple.:slight_smile:


I had Symbian and Win mobile smartphones before IOS & Android.