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Almost 2 years with gigs not ranking and no significant orders

It’s been over a year I’ve been struggling to get orders, also to have my gigs appear on search results. Most times it’s not seen on search results for my niche keywords and sometimes it appears at the end of the results.

It’s really depressing seeing that I’ve worked very hard over the years to build my account with over 900 delivered orders and hundreds of positive feedback but I can’t seem to profit from this account anymore.

Everyone is talking about instant payout, gig promotion, advance cash, etc…but I’m not a beneficiary because my gigs are dead and underperforming.

Can anyone help with tips on how to bring my gigs back to life?

Any help is appreciated.


same here bro, i appreciate with you

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I believe the following suggestion will improve your orders.

1- try to tweak with the title and keywords of your gigs. try to put such words in your title that are exactly related to your niche.
2- reduce your prices for some time and see if it works.
3- do check buyer requests time and again, and try that the buyers come to your inbox, that way traffic will increase for your account.
4- always stay online. on laptop or computer especially. If you have the fiverr app, good. otherwise install it. but still stay online on laptop.
5- if there aren’t many reviews on your gigs, delete them and make new gigs for same skills.
6- if you have good impressions but low clicks, that means you need to change your gig image so as to attract the buyers more.
7- pray for your success.

I hope it helps you.


1- share your gigs on your social media accounts. that surely will improve the traffic to your account.
2- Add the related words of your niche in your description as well.
3- Add FAQs
4- More good quality gig images can help you in increasing the traffic.


Thanks for sharing these ideas

I can share my experience for I have not faced your issue. But, some of gigs never get any enquiries. Fiverr is not my main platform. I dont depend on it for majority of income, so I dont notice it if I never get enquiries.

However, I get enquiries, at least 2 to 3 customers every week. Sometimes, it goes up to 10 enquiries. I dont know if that is very less or more, but I am able to chat with customers and collect one or two orders once in a while.

[I am not a SEO expert :slight_smile: ]

  1. One thing is, you have to use common words.

For example, “algorithms and data structures”. people use common terms. Niche words never get picked up. Some of my gigs have only 50 impressions, while one or two has some 2k impressions in the last 30 days. I think, it has to do with wording.

  1. Never change or edit title.

I made a mistake of changing the wording of one gig. It was getting hundreds of impressions every week, but then, after title change it just collapse. Since then, another gig has started getting hundreds of impressions but this original superstar gig has started under performing.

So, I think, you should avoid editing titles.

  1. External links matter a lot

I maintain a small blog. I also have GitHub repository, stack overflow. Everywhere I have put my Fiverr profile link. I think this matters a lot. I think people are clicking from outside Fiverr. So, may be, Fiverr SEO is pushing my gigs above others.

That is what I have done. Hope it helps man.

[Again, I am not big shot or anything. I am small fish on Fiverr, he he :stuck_out_tongue: Just sharing what I am doing :slight_smile: ]

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thank you very much for your comment and reallyit is usefull