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Almost 3 months on Fiverr. Didn't get any order yet

I made my profile on Fiverr in November last year. It’s a matter of regret that I didn’t get any order yet. Don’t know the reason of not getting any order.
Look at my gigs:

These are just suggestion:

Create a more effective description use bullet points in it.
Design user-engaging image.
Offer something different at less price.
Compare your gigs with others

Husnain Nawaz


Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

The gig picture its not eye catching, it dry down your potentioal buyers :slight_smile:

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Is it? If I change my gig image, will it affect my gig ranking?

Yes it will affect, but nobody knows how and when

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Then changing picture can harm my gig ranking. What can I do that won’t harm my gig ranking?

if you didnt get any order in 3 month, how can this harm you more ? :smiley:

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Hmm, that’s true. :slightly_smiling_face: