Almost 5 Month Doesn't Had Any Customer After Create A Gig, What Should I Do? (New Seller)


anyone who are new here? what should we do after 5 month doesn’t have any customer as a new seller?
i already tried advertised in social media but still nothing. Invite friend in fiverr and also offer any buyers in buyer request section…too many competitor to be exact…

Anyone who have experience can discuss here. Hope you guys can help anyone instead of me who are new here. Thanks… :slight_smile:


Go to Fiverr Academy and read all the modules. There is a wealth of information to help you be successful on Fiveer.


Please Fiverr top articles which describe improve your gig, how to increase more sales and so on. Try this and try to share your gig in social media. Then sure you will get your first sale very soon


i want you to read the article of Gigs also Fiverr Academy


Do something with less competition.
I just dont get why so many graphic designers are doing the same things, logons, banners etc. I mean common there are literally millions of other things that need designing and companies usually stick with their logos for years while their products, packaging and other things change frequently.


Thank you!! i already know the Academy just now. Thanks again!!


Thank you for helping…appreciate it… :slight_smile:


Ok…Thank you!! :slight_smile:


yeah i think the same thing…but i have less experience in product and packaging…i’m more on banner and advertising kit…btw thank you for helping!! i realize what should i do now… :blush:


Suggest you remove the word “former” from under your profile image. That will most certainly have put buyers off.
Also do not create a gig for something unless you can offer a quality service.


i quit a job as graphic designer because i wanted to focus on studies…and use this platform to gain some income…that’s why i put a former graphic designer on my profile…but i’m agree with you i need to change that…

i had no problem about quality artwork since i already in this business…my ex manager told me i had a great job…i had no problem with my customer when they see my artwork…overall…thank you for your helping…i think i need to improve alot… :slight_smile:


when you are offering services of graphics design there are much more competitors for you to get orders.
see fiverr academy for details.
keep working.


You mentioned that you’ve read Fiverr Academy yet this is your gig description.
Why do you think that 2 sentences with poor grammar will get you sales? Any buyer who sees that you didn’t bother to even write a proper description will hit the back button. 5 months = 2 sentences


Start with the basics. Get a proper gig description, consider using a video and try to get external clients or use buyer requests. You mentioned that you advertised in social media, but if you don’t have enough followers or you advertised to a group of people who don’t care about your service then it has little to know value.

Freelancing is not for everyone and that’s OK. For some people 9 - 5 job is more suitable. A freelancer needs to know how to sell his/her service. It doesn’t matter how talented you are in design if you don’t know how to sell it. If you see that it’s not going anywhere then focus your energy on something else.


okay…btw thank you!! :wink:


i’ve learned my mistake…about Fiverr Academy i didn’t read till a few days ago…imagine it’s already 5 month passed and i didn’t know it…lol…about my grammar, don’t mention it…i know it sucks…lol :smile:

i’m not used to a freelancing yet and i had no clue to advertised myself after create Fiverr account…btw thank you for helping…i appreciate everything you said…thank you again. :blush:


You need a profile picture of your face.


yeah…for sure…i will… :smile: