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Almost 7 months joined on Fiverr. I didn't get a single order yet

It’s almost 7 months I’ve joined on Fiverr.
But I didn’t get a single order yet. My gigs are not ranking well, even I applied the SEO strategy in my gigs. I’m a bit confused about whether my gigs are not standard as getting an order? or buyers not finding my gigs on their search results? I’m struggling a lot to get an order. Doing gig marketing on social media every day like- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Medium, etc. Now I need at least 2/3 orders for ranking my gigs.

If I have to improve my gigs more than that, then please help to know where should be the amendment? My all gig links are given below for ref.

My Fiverr profile: shoeb_maxmind


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Thank You


Some of your gigs look too similar really (eg. duplicates). I’d remove some if there’s >1 offering the same thing. That would also allow you to create some different services if you wanted, which might sell.
Also some of your gig thumbnails have text that is partially off the screen.

Also if you’re not sending offers to BR you could do that.


Thanks for your nice suggestion.

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The thing is you selected a highly competitive niche and offer for 10$ while there are a lot of sellers with 100-400 positive reviews on the first page alone offering for 5$. Used the search query “wordpress malware” to check this.
Also, I personally always think it’s annoying when somebody posts his Fiverr-Gig on social media. I actually left quite a few groups because of this. Went there to help people with questions about technical issues and possibly learn something but instead got bombarded with crappy Fiverr-Gigs. I doubt that many people are interested in seeing your gig on social media. If they wanted to see your gig they would probably go to Fiverr…

Edit: Today I was harassed via PM for a service I offer myself on Fiverr. Never do that.


Attention: @patrick_klein
Sir, I appreciate your opinion. In another sense, if you think $5 is sufficient so please do the calculation. Even Fiverr deducts 20% per order. please don’t mind. I’m just expressing my personal opinion. If I did any wrong pls advise me for correction.

Point-1. Whereas sellers with 100-400 reviews are offering $5 but I am offering $10.

Ans: Top-rated sellers are getting more orders every week because of their first-page ranking and reviews. So they don’t reach much loss if they offer $5. to be honest, I don’t think these types of jobs worth only $5.While the market is getting competitive day by day. So we new sellers have to walk with the same flow. Otherwise no way. According to your advice, I will change my offer price very soon.

Point-2. It’s annoying when somebody posts his Fiverr-Gig on social media.

Ans: Yes I agree with you. it’s actually annoying. But Fiverr saying “share your Gig on social media to connect with new customers and get more orders”.

There is a proverb-“Marketers have to be shameless a bit” :smiley: Whatever people think about a marketer if a marketer stops the marketing of his products customers will forget about it.

Since I am not a native English user, If anything seems difficult to understand pls feel free to ask me.

Thank you
Have a nice day!

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Hi! I think your GIG is very similar to each other. It would be interesting to see something new. At the beginning, new sellers work to get feedback, so it’s important to specify your uniqueness: speed and price. You can add a new GIG of a different category, maybe it will be more interesting for buyers . I wish you good luck! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi, your gig images are not looking good. Try to make something simple and eye-catchy.
I’m sorry you are not getting an order for almost 7 months.
But some of us getting orders within 7 days.
That’s pretty good huh?
Try to send all of your buyer requests.
Here I explained about buyer request. If you want you can see.
Buyer Request Tips For New Seller

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Thank you very much for your suggestion. i must follow it.

Got lots of good suggestion from here. Thanks a ton!

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Yes. They flagged it. Then I deleted that.

Dear @shoeb_maxmind
I will tell you not to lose hope. I got mine after 6 months. Try to improve your skill much more this time. Improve your portfolio, write a good buyer request, do marketing as u are doing now. If your luck clicks, then who will hold you to become a successful seller.

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Dear @rhasandesigner
Thank you so much for giving me inspiration

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Unfortunately, people seem to be confident buying from you when you have a review. How about lowering your rate for a while, get the reviews first.

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Dear Mam @anidee
Yea that’s right. I appreciate your logic. Any products without customers’ reviews even I will not purchase. If I had bad reviews then you can say that I am not a good seller that’s why I’m not getting any order. Without testing sugar how we will say it is sweet or sour? So who will give me reviews? Where Nobody yet tested my skill or service. Hope you understand my inner pain.

Thank you!