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Almost 80 fiverr purchases and I received a work that was free and what does not work

Very disappointed that I received a deliver from the internet in a fiverr purchase and the support even after all the evidence shown does not seem interested in solving this problem.

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The seller seems to claim the code works. Does it or does it not? Btw, using open source code is not copyright infringement. You do not have to keep reinventing the wheel. There are open libraries for that specific purpose, and he isn’t breaking any terms of service by using them.

Oh, and just to add - do you know what’s 90% of the work of software engineers that get paid 6 figure salaries? It’s not to write code. It’s to know which (open source, free, documented) code to copy. That’s how it works.


Are you saying your seller has lied to you with his / her explanation? If you are, where is your evidence?

Looking at this objectively, you appear to have made unsubstantiated claims against the seller, while your seller appears to have offered quite a detailed and reasonable explanation that can be investigated.

You need to offer evidence. You haven’t. All you’ve done is made an accusation.


No, it does not work, the seller spam me with gigs if i want to get support for this code but since, you have to change just 2 things in code.

And don.t forget guys, just because something it.s free on the internet it does not mean you are allowed to sell him. It.s like music, you can listen music free on internet and download for free sometimes but you are not allowed to sell this for money.

visualstudios this libraries are free to use, never free to sell :wink:
If you work for one company and take codes from other website…i think that.s bad for them to have you, sorry.

The seller himself said to take it with Fiverr. I’m not a coder. I know many coders that work for companies though, and they all take things from GitHub, stack exchange, etc. It’s perfectly normal to copy code, as long as it’s open source. If you know so much code to the point you recognise a library that can’t be sold as part of a piece of code, do it yourself. Code is reused constantly, both in free and paid projects. Do you mean that nobody can charge for code unless they write all the libraries and the compiler itself? LOL

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There is documentation for this, but the seller probably does not know how to use it.

If every person took things from the internet and sold them exactly as they are, what would be the point of this site?

Unacceptable. Either he does or he doesn’t. “Probably” means jacks***. That’s your judgment, and it means zero. You are buying a service.

If the seller makes it work according to the initial agreement, he provided that service. Where the code came from, as long as it’s not illegal, does not matter to you. At all. His work is to make it work and to know how to make it work.

Even if that was the case, it’s called arbitrage. It’s the same point of millions of consulting agencies that charge top dollar. To connect people who need a service with people who know where that service can be found. To save you the search and the know how needed to do the search. Simple. What’s the point of a supermarket if I can go to a farmer and buy potatoes directly for cheaper? Convenience.

Because if you do this, you don.t get potatoes for free from farmer :smiley:

No, it.s not my judgment it.s because discord have their own documentation about how to create this but he didn.t use this, he just send me one file with 97% file of code.

if(get(‘action’) == ‘discordrevoke’) {

// This must to logout you, but it didn’t worked(

Are you sure it works? :smiley: because the seller confirm also he does not work :smiley:

Again, I’m not a coder. I don’t know if it works or not. The seller sounds pretty confident you are trying to pull something, though. Way too confident for someone who’s breaking terms of service. Talk to Fiverr, they’ll decide. What I or you or anyone else says does not matter.

Also don.t forget event if it.s free you aren.t allowed to sell him on fiverr Confirmed with fiverr support

That will depend. I can get you a load of cases pointing in the opposite direction. If it’s 100% pasted code from 1 source, literally one cmd+c, cmd+v, sure. I’m not familiar with the order and it’s pointless for you to discuss it here. Talk to CS, not to the forums. We do not know the code, the order, or what you talked about.

Btw, you are contradicting yourself. You say that CS does not want to solve it in the initial post, yet in that screenshot they say if it’s copied they will cancel. What’s your problem again?

I received something that does not work and the CS did not want to solve this problem until I showed them that the work is stolen.

I showed you this after just because you said that sellers can sell something that is open source on this platform.