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Almost a month on Fiverr

Hello Readers,

Next week will mark my one month anniversary on Fiverr and I wanted to let you know how I’m doing. In less than a month I’ve almost made $200!! I’ve sold more than 10 gigs and I have an excellent rating. Next week I know I will have my Level 1 seller promotion. I didn’t know what would happen when I first joined, but now I know that anything is possible. This isn’t enough money to live off of, but it’s extra money in general. I wanted to let you know if you believe in your abilities, good things are sure to come.

@jasmine313 use some creative Gig image it will Help You to bring more sale 5x more :smiley: keep working (sorry for my English)

Great Jasmine! Thanks for sharing and the motivation! :slight_smile:

Congrats! I’ve been just for couple hours here and I already love Fiverr :wink:

Hello Jasmine, congratulations! Keep working hard and I’m sure you’ll earn even more in the future :slight_smile:

Reply to @silberma1976: Thank you. I’m working real hard to save up money for graduate school.

Reply to @z_farrukh: It’ll come eventually. If buyer’s don’t come to you, go to them by using the Buyer’s request.

Reply to @hossain6669: Welcome to Fiverr. Thank you. Make sure you check out the Buyer’s request because they’ll be times that Buyer’s will not just come to you, so you have to go to them.

Wow! That’s just awesome. I’m still waiting for my first order.

Congrats on your success! I’m new on . Have you any suggestion for me ? How can I start to earn?

Reply to @mckcvision: Wow, you only started in March? That’s amazing! What’s your secret?

Congrats mate, keep it up.

I’m glad you’ve had a good experience so far! Congrats on a great first month.

Well, I have the opposite experience. 3 weeks, still no orders. Can’t believe it!

Gig Link:

Reply to @mhwoolz: Thank you so much!

Reply to @hamzaakram873: Sorry that you’re having a hard time. Have you been applying to gigs through the Buyer’s Request?

Great work Jasmine! :slight_smile:

Reply to @copymoney: Thank you so much.

Reply to @hamzaakram873: Hey, I want to tell you that first I admire that you listed your location honestly. You might also want to put either a real profile picture that looks professional or use a nice original logo that fits in the profile picture spot. Your current picture looks like a stock photo and the face/head don’t entirely fit in the space.

When you put up a writing gig, especially as your only gig, people are often going to worry about ordering from you if they think English is not your native language. It does look like you have some fluency in English but it is hard for a buyer to tell if you had help writing your gig description. You may want to show some writing samples in your gig images and make sure you write them yourself.

The other suggestion I would make is to come up with some additional gigs. Think of some other skills you have that you could sell. Look through other gigs for ideas and don’t copy them or list something you can’t really do, but see if you can get inspiration. I think if you work on those things it might help! Good luck!

Wow that’s awesome! I remember when I first joined over 3 years ago (then left Fiverr for a while for other stuff), and I think I made around $400 in my first month. I did a lot of writing, and it was very hard work, but it paid off.

Recently I’m back on Fiverr, and I’m getting orders everyday, so it definitely works!

My tip is to create several Gigs of different variations for extra exposure. For example, you may create Gig 1 as “I will write a unique 300-word article for $5”, Gig 2 “I will write an SEO article for $5”, Gig 3 “I will write a blog post for $5,” Gig 4 “I will write a 300-word article in 24 hours,” and so on…

Fiverr now has analytics so you can see which Gigs get better clicks and bring you more sales.

I also started by offering 24 hour express Gigs, which was a huge hit. I was working more than 8 hours a day fulfilling the influx of orders, but the effort paid off and I got Level 2 in my 2nd month. After which I offered regular Gigs with the Extra option of 1-day delivery. :wink: