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Almost a year here

It’s been almost a year since I’m here -with some interruptions-.

A year of discovering, learning, self-improvement, and opportunities.

I have had the opportunity to work with great people while earning some money, though still, I’m not earning constantly, I feel happy because of the advances.

English is not my native language, but everyday I’m learning new vocabulary, how to sell, how to be polite
verb conjugations, and so on… Right now I just can see a long road in front of me before reaching my goals, but I absolutely love the process of driving towards that goals.

Today, after almost a year I realized how thinking about myself as a capable professional has helped me, right now I have career goals, skills to develop… A broad list of skills I already have, a second language that is already helping me to make some extra money.

In a nutshell, I have found a clear path to follow, though still, I’m not even close to my goal, I move forward, day by day, step by step.

Nine months ago just to thinking about writing a paragraph in English sounded as a craziness to me.
Today, I know it’s absolutely possible, and I’m excited because there is a lot to learn.

Thanks a lot, people of Fiverr.


Good going :slight_smile:
No one can motivate us but us.
I’ve been on fiverr for the last few years and have a beautiful journey of ups and downs, highs and lows, yeses and no’s. Got hacked and lost some bucks too…
Got beautiful projects too…
Stars, Tips…Beautiful…
Good luck and see you on the road of fiverr :slight_smile:

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Hey, thanks a lot for your encouraging words, and of course, I’ll seeing you in the Fiverr road.
By the way your history sounds great, full of good and bad moments, but always moving forward.

That’s quite a glorious stride right there. The fact that English is not your first language, says a lot about your determination to learn. Your writing skill in English is good and your sentence structures are quite logical, which gives you a green light to greatness. Keep going you are almost there,and so do I!

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Thank you for sharing. Indeed, the language and skill do matter a lot.

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You have the right attitude to succeed. See your last delivery was 2 days ago. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for these words, and absolutely, I will keep going!

Thanks for checking out my profile, Lloyd. And I’m about to deliver another one this morning.

Now, I’m thinking about other services to provide.

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By the way, I’ve checked your profile too! :wink:

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