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Almost at Level One Seller!


I just need 1 more, I’ve been waiting, just waiting for that next gig. I’m pretty excited and I’d like to ask how you felt when you got your first promotion in levels?



Oooh! I just got my first level today! It really feels good! Excited to know that my talents are proving worthwhile! In fact, since I leveled up this afternoon, I have gotten 6 new orders!

I plan to keep working hard and giving 110% to every customer!

Good luck and many fiverrs!!!


Reply to @jive_a_five: That’s great to hear, and 6 orders in the same day? That’s crazy, good luck on reaching level 3 and beyond!


Reply to @bachas85: Hopefully!


Good luck!

I was ecstatic when I got promoted to level 1 :slight_smile: Hard work pays off.


Yea. I had promised myself to eat healthy food the day when i reach level 1. And i did. Only for that day though, :-L

btw good job and good luck :slight_smile: