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Almost at the point of quitting, then success at last

I joined fiverr, about two months ago, after reading a lot of books and ebooks about the site. Most of the books I read claimed that good writers, designers, virtual assistants, and computer programmers could make thousands of dollars a month on here. I read many articles on tips for newbies, then I decided to join. After I posted my gigs, I advertised and promoted them. I had some signs, business cards, and flyers printed. (The cost of that was quite high.) Then, I hired a couple of high school kids to post the signs and flyers all over town. I handed out business cards everywhere I went. I got my first order within hours, but it did not come from any of my local advertising. I completed the order and got a five star rating. During that first week, I got 10 orders. None were from local sales. After fiverr took their cut and I deducted Paypal fees, I made $36.20 for my first week. That didn’t even cover what I spent in advertising.

After that, my orders dropped off. I didn’t get any orders for three weeks. Then, I got a $5 order and a $15.00 order, which I generated from responding to buyer requests. I completed those orders, but I seriously thought about quitting. I didn’t expect to get rich when I joined Fiverr, all I was hoping for was to make an additional $500 a month. But, less than $50 a month, was discouraging.

I decided to hang around for the rest of the month to see what happened. Then, this morning, I got a wonderful surprise. A $455 order ! It’s beginning to look like things might work out, after all.

My advice to newbies, hang around for awhile, even if you aren’t getting any orders. Be patient and wait it out. You just might get a big surprise like I did.


Nice! Congratulations :slight_smile: It’s indeed a good idea to be patient, and do your best to provide nothing but the best gigs.

But even patience has limits, so not every gig will be successful.

Awesome. Thanks.

I am sailing in same boat got 50+ orders in first month after joining fiverr and now I havent got any order since past 6 days :frowning: i am upset

well done!