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Almost every second buyer just manipulating us


Hi guys,

I’m on fiverr for last couple of months, and I’m bout to become a level 1 seller. Through out my entire period I have seen the buyers who are manipulating sellers specially new ones. They place their orders, eschew to provide the sample, and when a seller spents an hours to come up with a samples, the buyer simply say I don’t like it. Please cancel the order if you do not want a negative review. Really? Is this why you are here, to get your work done here in free and threat the seller for a negative review? Stop it, unless it’s too late.

Today, these new sellers gonna bear you, but tomorrow when they become a level 2 or top rated sellers, believe me they will do the same to you buyers. Because the way you buyers treat the new sellers is not good at all.



Hi Rehmat_laal!

The buyers dont just do that with new sellers. I am a second level seller and some buyers wanted to cancel my Portuguese translation because I translated them to Portuguese from Portugal instead of Portuguese from Brazil. I am from Portugal, so if they dont say nothing I do my translations to Portuguese from Portugal.

I solved my problem with an automatic message asking to tell me if they wanted Portuguese from Portugal or from Brazil and that if they didn`t say nothing I would translate their texts to Portuguese from Portugal.

But some of my buyers still try to cancel an order saying that wasn`t what they wanted. In that case I try to sell them extras and if they cancel the gig I report that situation to Customer Service.

In your case, if you offer free revisions I think you should ask them what they dont like about the sample. If they say something not specific ask them to be more specific. If they dont answer your messages and aren`t specific report that situation to Customer Suport.


There is only one thing I have ever heard from my seniors the customer is always right. lolxx, and same here on fiverr the customer supports favors the buyers.


Hi, I just gotten a seller to design the logo. I answered the questions that were asked; and sent pictures to further refine what I’m looking for. When I received the logo, it was simple which is what I wanted. However, it wasn’t in the colors that I have requested; and I don’t understand what the symbols mean. In short, it is totally different from the samples provided.
So I told him straightaway that it is disappointing and asked for an elaboration. Turns out he stated that he explaint the logo but I couldn’t understand because of the spelling mistakes in the first message! And he proceeded to reject my project. I was promised unlimited revisions, but there wasn’t and he mentioned that the pictures I sent to him were terrible.

So who is manipulating, the buyer or seller. Such a bad experience


Yesterday, I edited one picture 5 times for a buyer, and still he said cancel the order cancel the order. I have over a half decade of experience in photoshop, what do you think, what result I would have given him? He said provide me the image with white background, I did. Then he said, provide it to me with a transparent background, I did. And finally he said, I do not like it, cancel the order if you do not want a negative review.

Apart from that, a couple of days ago, I designed 6 logos for $5 and sent to the buyer in order to choose one from, guess what he replied? He said, I like none of these, cancel the order. I asked him several times to provide me a sample, he never did. So my talent, my time, my energy is wasted. I had hardly received three messages from the buyer.

You want me to tell you more stories? Now what can you expect of me when I become a level two seller? Ofcourse I will remember what these buyers have done to me.


Ofcourse I will remember what these *buyers have done to me.


You may wish to limit the number of revisions you offer. Some buyers seem to take “unlimited revisions” as an invitation for abuse (and, if you claim that you provide unlimited revisions, you have to keep revising until the buyer accepts, or cancel the order).


No, the client isn`t always right and neither the seller. But you have to be smart and very communicative with the client and try to be neutral ( it is hard I know!).


rehmat_laal - Don`t remember only the bad buyers, remember also the good buyers.


That is why communication is the key… Communicate well with the buyer and understand what they want before you make the offer… Even after the buyer has placed order, keep on communicating and asking questions… #mysixcent though


They rarely accept though, otherwise, cancel the order. That’s all they say by end of the word.


Ofcourse, the above post is only for bad buyers. I respect good buyers, and I give them more than their expectation.


Most often they rarely reply, and whenever they write a message just a single line or a couple of lines.


Even if you do not have unlimited revisions they ask for a “Request to change order”. No?


@umerkhayam128 If you offer, say, 3 revisions, and they keep hitting the “Request Modification” button after you’ve delivered the promised modifications, you can politely remind them that, as stated on the gig page, you only offer 3 revisions, and that Fiverr’s Terms of Service forbid buyers to repeatedly ask for revisions in order to obtain more services than they purchased (in this case, more revisions than you offer).

Or, you can offer them to buy additional revisions, and politely explain them that they’re demanding additional work, and that they should pay for it.


What some buyers are doing to newbies is total unjust. Stealing ideals and concept from us. That was what happened to me.
Please, let’s us always conduct ourselves honest in all things.


Some buyers take advantage of new sellers with bad review threat in order to get their service done without paying. It’s unfair!


Threats are forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Make screenshots of the threats, and report such buyers to Customer Support.


But what if i do not offer any modification but they still ask a change to order? Because it happens with me all the time.


Possible solutions (after stating in your gig that you don’t offer revisions):

  1. Redeliver the same thing, and politely remind them that you don’t offer modifications (that’s assuming that you delivered as promised, without any mistakes; if you made mistakes, do correct them). It might lead to a negative review, to which you can respond with an explanation of what happened (that the buyer asked for something that you don’t offer, and got angry when he didn’t get it). You can also make screenshots of the entire exchange, and contact Customer Support for help; if it’s clear that you delivered as promised and that the buyer is being unreasonable/dishonest, they might help you.

  2. Offer them (on the order page) to purchase additional revisions. For $20 or whatever you think would be worth your time and effort. If they refuse, politely explain that you did your work as promised, and that revisions cost extra. Then proceed to 1.

Or, just keep doing what you’re doing now, until you have enough great reviews to feel confident when refusing to do countless unreasonable revisions.