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Almost every second buyer just manipulating us


What a marvellous way to attract prospects by reminding them that 50% of them are probably arseholes!

It’s more like 20%. Still, as sure as dung attracts flies, you’ve attracted an interesting selection of people–I am just one of this bunch of merry men.

My tip: if it’s a bad date, dump 'em.


And now you’re finally here. Really? Are you kidding me?


Well i have about 40 odd positive reviews but yes one negative review can take you out of the game so hence i have to just revise what i deliver most of the time.


popcorn time


Isn’t the only way for the buyers to get their money back to accept the cancellation and then they can’t leave a review? At least it was a couple of weeks ago. As far as I know it’s one thing or the other.


Yeah, I agree with that


Yes, I got bored on other posts so I finally decided to come here.

All you have to do with manipulative buyers is manipulate them more and better. Simple. They’ll get mad, you contact CS, you win. Don’t forget to be subtle. A good CS rep, inundated with they are with febrile whining, enjoys a bit of repartee and skill in dispute within the rules.

The really fun ones may even reward you with a gif (Nick. Bob doesn’t do gifs, so Nick is the new CS god. Love Nick, love life.)

Also, your buyer will be sad because you outwitted them, and bad buyers hate being outsmarted by a cheap, lowly worker on a cheap, lowly site which is going to make them a millionaire thru outsourcing.

I don’t think I need to say who the idiot is in that scenario.


Most of the times CS favors them, don’t they?


CS favors whoever comes up with a smart argument and doesn’t scream at them. If you look on the forum at angry people (buyer or seller) who had a bad CS experience and get them to post their dialog, 100% of the time they shouted at the rep, sent millions of tickets and let their frustration cloud their judgement.

Then they come here and I poke them with a stick and hope they have a fun meltdown. Win-win for all! Well, not the loser. But the loser is almost always in the wrong, so.


It was some old practice.
Some scammers will be blocked from the system sooner or later fiverr


Yaay, that was pretty clear. May be you’re right. We should go to CS against such a buyers.


You’re full of sarcasm thou :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:




The new ones will come along the way… .


same thing happened many time.
I will only suggest you that keep patience.
because God is with patience.


As soon as they threaten with a negative review then you need to go straight to support. It is clear that they are trying to get you to do the work for free. Once you have established feedback on fiverr then the odd cowboy leaving negative reviews because they were not able to con you but the odd poor review doesn’t put you off track.


Is there a thread you haven’t spammed yet?


Well, that’s true. To be patient when you’re a newbie.


Not only patient also be smart and alert. There are many scammed buyers here


that is true many scammed buyer here but communication is the key i guess.