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Almost minus 50% of earnings

Hi, I’m new to Fiverr and I develop mobile games .So i sold one game for 125$ and okay Fiverr takes 20% of earnings that let me with 100$ .So i decided to transfer the amount to Payoneer because that was my only choise but when converted 100$ to € it should be 89.49€ but when they transfer to Payoneer I got 86.36€ .When I tried from there to transfer to my bank account payoneer took 15€ so I left with 71.36€ minus 18% takes my bank account I left with 58€ .That’s all bullshit .I made the gig for 125 and ended up with 58€.Not working again on Fiverr anymore.


It isn’t Fiverr’s fault, though, if your bank or funding source also has a fee. Fiverr guaranteed that you would have 80% of the price of your completed order. $100 is an excellent level of revenue from Fiverr. You lowered that amount by transferring it through multiple funding sites that all had a fee.

Please don’t blame Fiverr for your lost money. Fiverr gave you what they promised.


I’m sorry this happened to you. It happened for me too when I joined fiverr. The best way to get paid is Paypal, the fees are much smaller than Payoneer’s. It is a bad start for you, but I promise if you will continue doing a good job, it will pay off a lot!

When I transfered from Fiverr to Payoneer it took i thing about 3$ .Fiver doesn’t support withdrawing boney direct to bank account .

Yeah but too bad paypal doesn’t support my fkn country .

Those are known values though, you know that Fiverr’s seller fee is 20% (it says so in the ToS that you accepted by signing up), and you know that payment providers and banks aren’t delivering their services just for the fun of it but to make money as well, and that currency exchange fees and rates exist. You don’t want to work just for the fun of it without getting paid, and Fiverr, Payoneer and your bank either.
You need to find out/estimate what you’ll lose through Payoneer/bank/currency conversion and build it into your gig prices, together with the 20% seller fee (keep in mind that Fiverr provides the platform, brings you buyers, you don’t need to chase customers who don’t pay their bills, …).
Like, if you want €125 in your bank account, just do the math and find out how much US$ you need to charge for your gig.

Then you can see if it’s worth that price to buyers and if you’d still sell, if not, and you need that amount, sure, leave and find something that pays more, if yes, well, great. Quite simple, but not working again on Fiverr anymore, of course, is even simpler :wink: However, why leave before you even tried if you can’t get the amount you actually want if all you have to do is price your gig accordingly? Good luck in any case!


Fiverr only takes 20%. Any other fees are because of Payoneer and your bank. I recommend you look at the fees for transferring money and choose a different method. I personally use PayPal as there’s no fee to transfer from Fiverr and it is free to transfer money from PayPal to a bank account.

Thank you for your response but if I make the gig double the amount I’m doing right now then I don’t think someone willing to pay so much but at the end I’ll still get 50% of the price .If I do it for 250$ then I want at least 200$ on my bank account and not 125$ .It will be great if Fiverr supports direct withdrawal to bank account instead of transfering money from one platform to the other to the other .

Yeah I would choose PayPal if it supported my country but unfortunately it doesn’t .I’m just saying it will be better and easier if Fiverr just supports direct bank transfer instead of transfering from Fiverr to paypal or payoneer and then from them to bank account.

I am definitely hoping they add bank transfer soon, I think they have it in the US already but only there. It would make things much easier.

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If might be great, but that is not how Fiverr currently works. You need to work with the platform as it is currently set up. Like @miiila advised you, factor in any other fees from transfer, so that you don’t lose your revenue when you withdraw it.

In the US fiverr might have to be an actual employer and have us sellers on their payroll to do direct bank transfers. They can’t do that. So try to make the best of it any way you can even if you have to increase your prices.


That’s not Fiverr’s fault, that’s an issue on the Payoneer platform


Oh, I get you, I certainly see that $125 > €58 is disappointing (btw, I’m surprised to read that Payoneer is so much worse than PayPal actually, I think I remember threads where people recommend Payoneer over PayPal if you have the choice, but maybe that changed).

I’m also in a slight shock :wink: every time I transfer my US$ to my bank account via PayPal and see the € amount, but you get used to it. When pricing your gigs, you can start at a lower price point to get some traction (you have to invest in pretty much any business, and with Fiverr, at least you “only” need to invest time and not much else, apart from your laptop and internet and software that you probably would have anyway if you earn your living from it) and once you have that, you need to stop thinking “how many $ would someone pay” but “how many € do I need for this”.

And yes, sure, lots of things would be nice, I’d like to see more of that money from all my time spent too, who wouldn’t.

What I’m saying is that there is no reason to not try to make it work for you - especially if you’re saying you’re going to leave anyway.

For many sellers Fiverr still is a good option or a better option than no Fiverr, with 20% fee and all, and if you can sell $125 gigs here, there is no real reason to believe you couldn’t sell a gig that would leave you with $125 before you tried it out for a while.

You’re saying if you’d sell a $250 gig, you’d still want $200 of that and not less, but if $125 is what you actually deem your time to do the job is worth, that should still work then.

I wouldn’t expect anyone to develop a mobile game for me for just $125 and probably many buyers wouldn’t if your work is good.

But it’s your decision, of course, if you don’t want to try it, don’t. It just seems a pity that you’ll end your Fiverr experiment right after one experience because you didn’t figure in the fees and conversion that Payoneer and your bank take, but if you know you can get customers on your own or elsewhere and will be left with $200 or more from $250, and would only get $125 from the same time spent all in all (don’t forget to include costs and time to get buyers, setting up your own billing, etc.) that’s the right decision then, of course. Best of luck.


It’s $3 if you want it within 2 hours, and $1 if you want it within 2 days.

There’s a bank transfer option, but it goes through Payoneer.

Payoneer works fine for me, but then again, I’m not transferring funds to a bank account (via multiple sources), just to Payoneer, and then I use their card to pay for stuff (you can do it in every store that accepts a Mastercard).

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Fiverr only cut your 20%.
Nothing else.
So, It isn’t Fiverr’s fault.

I do the transactions from Payoneer but $3 transfer fee get deducted other than Fiverr 20%. And i am not having much issue with it when my work is getting recognized at other countries as well other then my local projects.

its not fiverr fault , its a market place ,they give security of your money ,so you have to pay for their services . :slightly_smiling_face:

PayPal has an option like that too since a while, not from Fiverr to PayPal but when you transfer from PP to bank account, you pay ?% for same day, else it’s “usually 2-3 days”.

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