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Almost no orders since 3 month

I has been almost 3 months and i got almost no order on fiverr. Pleas do help me and suggest me what to do to get the orders. My gig was on the front page of fiverr but now it is on 3rd and even i am not getting the view on my gig. Need suggestions.


same problem but don’t know why .

I made this thread for sellers like you possibly. I has some hints anyone needs if you don’t get sales for three months:


I see you both have sales in the recent past so it might not apply to you but the advice to see why some get more sales than you are getting still applies. Try to figure out why.

Hi, don’t you feel lucky that you are among the highly productive people, who not only inspires you with their creativity also mentoring you to be success full in your freelancing career. As @misscrystal offered you to visit her post in which she point out almost all the major facts of “no sales” and “missing things in your profile”. Here I’m sharing a best motivational quote to boost up your enthusiasm " Winners never quit and Quitters never wins" you should print out and place at somewhere in your room, where you can see this daily. Wishing you all the best.

How you can find easily that who is doing what! You must be a spy or you should offer some private detective services. One thing more, your experience and dedication for new users are really admirable. You are really very kind and sensitive personality among all.

Marketing helps. You need to market your gigs OUTSIDE of Fiverr. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to push your work, and make sure to include a link BACK to your profile and/or gigs.

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“What >> Why>>Who>>How” Short form (WWWH) is a complete solution providing words for any problem. Just spend little time to know more about it. Spend your time on your self, it will really help you! best wishes.