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Almost no orders the following month

Hey guys the last months I was doing great with my social media gig, but last month something happend… my impressions are going very low and I have almost no orders. I dont know maybe Im doing something wrong or it might be just a phase since its last month of summer ?

Have a look at my gig any suggestions are welcomed!


Does your gig available in search results ?

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what is your expertise in IG ? Can you form a page of a specific niche with all specific nich members ?

Hm no I can not find myself

Yes you can contact me

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how is this possible :3 should I contact fiver?

Oh great. In fact i am an e-commerece enthusiasctic . I need FB/IG pages related to specific niche with specific members.
We are intrested in USA and UK only.
But please remember all organic , no like for like exchange etc types.

Fiverr cycles us around. One season you’ll get a ton of orders, then they’ll showcase someone else next season. There’s nothing you can do but wait. There are only so many buyers for us, so Fiverr gives an equal opportunity for everyone.

Yeah sir thats what I work with only organically

So I should just wait until it fixes itself? :confused:

You’ll have to wait until it cycles around again to you. This is why you should have other jobs too.


Hm i think you should just share it and dont change the title anymore :slight_smile:

Open repeated tickits but you know their response time is quiet long though …

It’s usually seasonal. The start of summer was slow for me but now it’s picking up. There are many threads on the ranking rotation or algorithm. It’s basic math if you think about it.

After ho wmuch time it will come back to search result ? any guess
25 days are finished with the same issue .

Probably about 60 days.

it’s been a month since i joined fiverr, but no sales yet… but still hopeful! power on!