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Almost Same Courses But Much pricey?



Today i visited the Learn from fiverr to check some course if any courses are interesting for me.

Then i saw Adobe Photoshop Course by Daniel Walter Scott, i saw Daniel on Udemy and the course was similar looking. So i visited Udemy and searched for Daniel And in his Courses list, there is a Photoshop Course which was almost as similar was the Course from Fiverr. Almost 80% as same as the Udemy Course. They also have almost the same Syllabus.
Udemy: 8 Hours - 64 Videos
Fiverr : 8 Hours - 86 videos

Udemy Syllabus

Fiverr Syllabus

For that course Fiverr was charging $78(3 Courses) and in Udemy the price was $9.99 (Original Price $199.99).

So basically almost the same course and there is a Huge difference in the price. i know many will say that the original price is $199.99 but in Udemy every course is almost $10 for 15-20days each month.

Yes, i know, I’m getting 3 courses For $78 From Fiverr but i can get 3 Courses for 30$ from Udemy and i can choose from various courses.

so why pay the extra amount in Fiverr?
And why Fiverr is charging that much from the Sellers?

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Which course will be more benefits for me?Udemy or Fiverr


From my perspective Udemy is better then Fiverr.


It might be more affordable at times as you said but keep in mind only on Fiverr you will get the benefit to earn your badge which is supposed to help you with your ranking :wink:


Well, You got that right. I also think it will be better if Fiverr provides a Downloadable Certificate like Udemy and Linda.

Not sure if they provide or not. Btw thanks. :grin:


Great suggestion, that would be indeed wonderful.


It is always your choice to buy courses on Fiverr, on Udemy, on other course sites or to get content free. They all have pros and cons. A cheap price is only one factor, but it’s always smart to compare and choose according to your needs.


So this is acctually a paid service - you pay for the course and you will get your Fiverr badge…?


I completed all three courses on fiverr and there’s no any cert provided.
You only earned 3 badges on your fiverr profile.
The different I think each course, the final video before Final Quiz they will ‘promote’ and encourage the student to create a gig on fiverr and start selling.

50% right, but you’ll need to go through all the videos, and completed the final quiz with the score of 90% at least to passed it, then you only considered as completed the course and earn a badge.


Fiverr because you might rank up your gigs (maybe they are using this factor for their ranking algorithms).


As far as i know, Learning From fiverr will rank the Gigs. I see two benefits from Learning from Fiverr:

  1. Learn and make yourself a more professional
  2. Once the course is completed, the profile will have a Complete course batch,

Nothing much.


I doubt this will happen.

  • Downloadable certificates have less credibility
  • 3rd parties won’t recognize such certificates anyway

Unless you wish to print it out for your own to put it on the wall or something. :slight_smile:


Yes, 3rd parties won’t recognize such certificates but it’s better to have this feature.


fiverr course is better than others because I notice my sales are increasing after complete the courses


Maybe your sales will increase but i only mentioned the price. I think it’s too pricey compared to those learning platforms.


So like… I don’t know about your areas of the world but in mine I can access all content on Lynda for free with my local library card. I have a degree in filmmaking and interactive web design. I work professional in voice over and voice acting. And I pay for SkillShare monthly.

So I don’t know why I’d want to pay Fiverr any money for classes. So is there any other way to earn these badges or is this just another money grab?

I tried a competitor freelancing site and left it in a hot second because you had to pay to take tests to show skills on your profile. Though one thing I did think was helpful was a test to show English comprehension. I know personally I’ve purchased gigs from Fiverr sellers who claimed to be English speakers only to get article output that made no English sense. So this may or may not be another topic but I do think that FREE tests might be a cool feature in exchange for certification badges.

But in the long run whether or not you took a class in Photoshop doesn’t really tell a buyer that you’re “good” at Photoshop or even know what you’re doing.



@ravie13 Thank you for that link to lynda! I’ve never heard of that but I might take some classes there in web development.

I took two classes in Photoshop in an actual classroom but wouldn’t say I know how to use it well since I don’t use it often so you’re right, it doesn’t matter if you’ve taken a class if you don’t have a proficiency in it.

As far as earning badges that show on your profile, that is probably most helpful for sellers in highly competitive areas who are just starting out and feel that they need some extra credentials showing on their profiles.

I love your creepy witchy voice btw! :woman_mage:



There’s already the free Skills Test feature on Fiverr under the “Learn from Fiverr” that has tests in languages etc.


Thanks for your valuable comment. I live in Bangladesh, Lynda only provide free access to local library card holders in the US only. :sob: :sob: :sob:

So i have to pay monthly for taking courses from them.

and also now, I’m agreed with rest of the things you mention.



Fiverr has some rules for sellers to maintaining their badges . Like that fiverr can offer some special discount as per sellers level, like a seller who is top rated can get 80% discount, A level two can have 60% discount and a level one 30% :slight_smile:

It would be more great if fiverr offer $5 for all sellers :wink: