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Almost Same Courses But Much pricey?


Yes, that will be great too.


Yes exactly, brother it’s too pricey…I also noticed


I believe I have access to it to but never checked it out. Maybe I should!

Fairly certain I’ve never seen so many links removed in one topic.


Thanks Mate. first time someone is agreed with me.


As a fiverr seller its knowledge+the badge to show off to buyers.


really? I just finished 2 courses. Hoping to earn a lot next month i guess :smiley:


If the only reason to take a course is to improve ranking then I guess Fiverr missed the mark here.
The idea should be to teach and improve sellers’ skills.

Didn’t you learn anything from those courses?


You are not likely to earn “a lot next month” just because you took two courses. You still need to do the work to apply what you learned to your services. Taking courses does not guarantee success. If this was so, then every college graduate would be a multi-millionaire.

I agree with @uxreview . It doesn’t sound like you have realistic expectations. Perhaps you should rethink your goals a bit, and bring them more in line with the reality of what will likely happen. You’re not going to earn much next month, unless you build a business and offer services that your customers need. Do you have lots of customers already lined up and waiting to hire you next month?


I meant that I will earn a lot because the courses improved my knowledge + I have the extra badge to show off to clients :slight_smile:


I like your confidence. However, there is no guarantee that you will make more income just because you have a badge on your profile. Like I said, you still need to prove that are a worthy seller by reaching out to your customers, and then delivering top-quality work that earns positive reviews. Sales are not automatic. Please think realistically, and be prepared for the fact that you may not make any more money than you do right now.


thats alright. from an accounting perspective, as long as I make enough to cover the course fee I paid for - I am in the positive. I dont expect like 200% increase in sales but Hopefully sales will improve slowly but steadily.


Well, then, let us know how that goes. I hope you are right, but I just don’t see you automatically receiving free success just because you took a course. The course is supposed to give you knowledge – not more sales. YOU, and only YOU, are responsible for the level of sales that you earn.


i talked to some sellers are took those courses, and they told me that there sales increase a little. :slight_smile:


Though it was said by Fiverr that it could improve ranking. They said “They will also see an improvement to their overall ranking on the platform, potentially leading to additional sales and ultimately business growth.”. So Fiverr is saying it’s more than just a badge or more knowledge but improves rank on Fiverr.


You are right. Its a personal choose.


They key, there is the word, “potentially”. Fiverr isn’t saying, “we’ll bump you up in the ratings just because you completed a course”, rather, they seem to be saying, “people will see the badge and results of your course, and that will likely translate to greater buyer trust… and buyer trust usually leads to more sales.” Again, the keyword there is, “potentially”.

Think about it for a minute. How well would it go over if Fiverr played favorites, and physically manipulated the rankings in favor of course-takers over those that did not take a course? Fiverr has made it abundantly clear that they do not wish to manipulate the search rankings in favor of anyone. They rightfully refuse to change feedback – because the feedback affects the listings. They have a hands-off approach to stepping in and manipulating buyer-seller interactions. They want sellers to build their own success. Physically manipulating the search results in favor of those who choose to take courses goes against everything Fiverr has indicated about the “purity” of the algorithm of the search results.

It doesn’t sound like Fiverr has any intention of changing their algorithm policy for those who take the courses. But it DOES sound like they are indicating that sellers can build trust by taking courses, and having the results of those courses publicly available for buyers to see. Those course results build trust with the buyers, and that trust could, to borrow their own words, “potentially lead to additional sales and ultimately business growth”.

Don’t overlook the context of those Fiverr claims. Fiverr is encouraging sellers to take actions that improve their own success. They aren’t going to be doing it for sellers.

Fiverr has always been about seller self-growth.


Besides pro sellers?


Pro-sellers are clearly promoted as a separate, Fiverr-vetted category of sellers. Fiverr can give them special considerations because they are marketed and promoted off-site independent of regular sellers. They have their own set of classifications as a reward, and are slotted into search results near the top because of this.

They are clearly and intentionally marketed with benefits.


Actually they did say they will increase the rank. The “potentially” was for the “increased sales” part of their statement.

They said “They will also see an improvement to their overall ranking on the platform, potentially leading to additional sales."

They will [see their rank improve], potentially leading to increased sales".


I stand by my previous interpretation of those comments, as it seems to be most in line with how Fiverr has chosen to respond to previous concerns on the issue. Until I see clear data proving a significant increase in sales – across the board – and directly connected to completing the paid courses, then I see no reason to believe that Fiverr is willingly going against their claims of a fair algorithm. I just don’t see them intentionally manipulating the search results to favor sellers who are expecting easy visibility and success, just because they took an informational course.

Fiverr has always promoted the “In Doers We Trust” mantra, where sellers are responsible for their marketing, promotion, and quality service, which, in turn builds the Analytics stats that determine on-site success. Why would Fiverr have seller Analytics requirements that are equal for everyone, when they are just – allegedly – going to bypass those for anyone who takes one of their courses?

The courses are extra revenue for Fiverr, and a prominent completion badge that builds buyer trust in a seller’s ability to deliver the services they offer.