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Almost Same Courses But Much pricey?


Surely the only evidence needed (of whether, like was said, they will see their rank increase) would be if gigs with a course badge are now ranked (or normally are, on average) ranked higher than those without, in searches compared to other gigs without the badges in the same categories/subcategories. They may or may not see increased sales, but the statement only mentioned that they “will” see increased rank (though they potentially will also see increased sales).


Provide me actionable data in this regard, and you might change my mind. :wink:


If someone did provide accurate data though, I wonder if Fiverr would be okay with it. To get very accurate data it would probably be quite a lot of work if done manually.


Well, I created a brand new gig on a category that I took a course on and on the next day i found it on the second page of search so… :slight_smile:


To me it makes sense - someone who took a course is likely to provide a better service (not a guarantee though). Not to undermine those who didnt take it but its a revenue stream for Fiverr and if they want to reward people for learning from them dont see much wrong there.


That may actually have more to do with it being a new gig, than the course itself. New gigs usually rank well for a short time so that they might catch on, and give the new gig/seller an initial boost. The fact that you are referring to a new gig, doesn’t make it a good course-related example. The best test of ranking well, would be a related gig that has been around a while, and hasn’t been ranking well, suddenly shooting to the top of the listings because the seller took a related course.

THAT would be a better course-connected sample than your new gig example. :wink:


The only benefit of Learn by Fiverr is the badge you get for completing the course and passing the final exam. However, if money is a problem, do the courses in Udemy.

I do believe that Learn should be cheaper, but remember that anyone can teach at Udemy, only proven people can teach at Learn.

My Facebook marketing course at Learn was taught by a guy who’s proven, a huge success in the industry. I went to his personal website and found out that people pay him $1,000 to do their Facebook marketing.

Learn is like the Fiverr Pro of teachers, Fiverr is putting their reputation on the line.

Udemy doesn’t care, I’ve seen Udemy courses with horrible ratings.


yup with the google course as well, the guy is selling it for a lot in his personal site. So ranking improved or not, it’s not ‘pricey’ as this thread topic says. Ofcourse it might be pricey for us. It definitely was for me and I had to make a choice and sacrifice something else to get the money for the courses but I would say I got the value for my money.


Official confirmation from Fiverr about the gig ranking - I received the following in an email after I bought my very first course.

We’re thrilled you’ve decided to invest in your growth and enroll in a Learn from Fiverr course. Here’s what you can expect next:

Step 1: Your course is now available to access [ here ]
Step 2: Expand your skill set & showcase your knowledge in a the course quiz
Step 3: Get your badge and an improved Gig ranking
Step 4: Discover your next course
Step 5: See Step 1

So the step 3 clearly says we will have an improved gig ranking.


I, for one, still await concrete stats on this claim. An “improved gig ranking” can mean almost anything, or nothing at all. Evidence will clarify the official statement.


You could check the views/impressions on your gigs to see if there was any significant change after completing each course.


I definitely saw more ‘clicks’ on the new gigs i created compared to before when I used to create new gigs. Havent got a sale on the new gigs as yet though :frowning:


Did the impressions/views/clicks on the new gigs or your gigs in general jump significantly on the dates that the courses were completed? When you click each gig in the gigs page does it show a definite jump in views/impressions on those dates?
ie. not just the new gigs compared to the last time you created new gigs.

Perhaps an average percentage rise in impressions/views/clicks per gig (your gigs in general) could be noticed after the date a course was completed and a new badge was added.


Agreed with you. Fiverr some have quality courses, and udemy courses are cheaper.
Although all the courses are udemy does not maintain quality and some courses have fake reviews also, but there are a ton of courses there to choose from and many quality ones too. :slight_smile:


The hardest part of any online course is having the passion to complete it. An online course doesn’t have the same energy of a live class, nor the same opportunities to do homework and get it evaluated by the teacher, so if your heart’s not in it, it’s very easy to give up.

Still, for many online courses are great because they can learn on their schedule, anytime they want. It’s also very easy to take notes. You can have word on the left, the course on the right. Taking notes is very important, doesn’t have to be word for word, just the most crucial information.

What course(s) would you like to take?


Remember that you are paying for the value the Fiverr courses give you as a Fiverr Seller: potential preference in the search rankings, as well as increased credibility in the eyes of prospective buyers.

I’m not at all justifying Fiverr’s prices – personally I found them unreasonable and a cash-grab – but when you make a purchasing decision in business, you base that on what will yield you the best results for your business.


Yap, agree with you. :slight_smile: