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Almsost argued with buyer


I first time almost argued with buyer

I don’t know why some of buyers do such things. Someone wrote me this morning, and wanted to know the price of the service. He wanted the work to be detailed, which I do for a certain price.

I asked about all requirements, and he had to purchase premium package which I named (Gold).

He replied me " lol, I got an offer for 40".

I really couldn’t hold back and wrote: " Okay, go with it then. I never overcharge someone. The point is how detailed it will be. And you’ve already got an offer and at the same time wasting my time. Thank you "

I don’t know, may be I did wrong by replying him this way, because “the buyer is always right”

And here is what he replied :

" Mind Your Language I am trying to get a better option thats why Msging 4 person . ]

Who waste your time … You Wasting my time "

So the point is:

  1. I can’t understand why did he waste my time if he already got an order
  2. If he wants that detailed work to be done how can he get offer for 40$ and contacting 4 person at the same time to get much lower offer, it means he will not get good result, or he don’t want the work to be that perfectly done and detailed as he said

((Now I am waiting when he will complain about me to C.S and I will get banned :slight_smile:))


He didn’t bother to read your gig description and assumed you’ll be tripping over yourself with joy to offer him $30.

I usually say: “I’m sure you’ll find someone who fits your budget”. The addition about wasting your time wasn’t necessary even though the person was wasting your time. But I don’t think you’ll get banned for this.

Also, the switch from “lol” to “mind your language” is pretty hilarious. I wonder if he’d be less offended if you spoke his language and went: “rotflmao, my price is still $150!”


Thank you. I also reply in the same way and respectfully. But this one felt himself like he is buying a cloth here, and most of all I got angry because of his “lol”. It was hard for him to reply " Thank you, I got an offer cheaper. Thank you for your time" or something like this.

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Always try to keep patience, however, you did nothing wrong, but you should use positive word, when you reply someone. I am really sorry; I know I don’t fit into everyone’s budget!!


Until they’re wrong. You charge what you charge, I think you could’ve handled it a little better by saying something along the lines of “my prices are fixed” but good on you for sticking to your pricing.


These ‘lol, give me a better offer’ buyers are almost always bad news. First off, it isn’t professional communication by any means, secondly, they’re not respecting your time or your price point, and thirdly, this is just a precursor to the sh*tstorm that will be coming your way i.e., this kind of buyers will expect you to do 2x the amount of work at a lesser cost (while repeatedly telling you that someone else out there agreed to their price).

When someone says ‘lol’ or tells me that they have a better option in hand, I literally end the conversation right then and there, saying something along the lines of “I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to collaborate with you on this project. Please approach another seller for the same. Good day.”

Good buyers understand and respect a seller’s time, efforts and pricing structure. If they really want to work out a deal with you, the manner in which they approach it will be very different as well as respectful. In addition, they’ll understand if it isn’t feasible from a seller’s perspective.

It’s good that you didn’t give in to this buyer. However, for your peace of mind, just stick to a templated, polite response so that you don’t give the buyer any ammunition to use against you.


You should be patient, and should not have a bad reaction to clients. Also I don’t see any clients wasting our time :smiley: cos each single client brings us valuable experiences.

I met many clients like that, they compared my price with others, so if I can reduce my price, I do reduce to get the sales, but if I cannot, I just reply politely: “I’m really sorry I cannot do this with that price, but I’m really glad you can find others who fits your budget. Hope we can work in other projects ^^”.

Communication is the big key to convert your clients, so please take care of that :smiley: