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Already 16 days gone I couldn't get a single order

Already 16 days gone I couldn’t get a single order.
please check my profile and suggest to me I have to need any improvement in my gigs. my gigs impression, view, and click are good. I also share my gigs on social media every day. but why I couldn’t any order.

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Hi, I can’t find your profile!

Click check my profile text. Or here is my profile please visit and suggest me.

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OK. You have one of the most competitive niches there and you need to tweak your description and title to stand out!! especially title!. The title will get client in your gig. Now you need to think as a buyer and seller. as seller you need to make plan ( mainly marketing and seo) as buyer it is different! what will make the buyer 'ORDER" organic YouTube promotion??
1- Is their search volume for keyword " organic YT promotion?, or may be you use other KW?? have you done a keyword research?
2- I would be attracted by: I will promote, I will Increase, I will guarantee, I will share…
3- buyer do not read the description… I am saying it with pain!. your first paragraph need to be appealing with all the benefits of your service instead.
4- The basic gig brings clients! try to make the basic delivery 1 day if possible. My main basic gigs has 1day delivery with 0 profit!


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keep patience success will come soon inshaallah

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Stay online and you will get Order inshallah


Keep patience :blush:
You will get order very soon :green_heart:

" I will do viral youtube video promotion with millions of people"

Could you explain exactly how do you have access to “millions of people”? Your gigs just don’t seem trustworthy at all. If I was buying “traffic”, I would buy it from people with proven following, or access to it. Do you have millions of instagram and twitter followers? A youtube channel with hundreds of thousands subs? I highly doubt it. Then why would I buy traffic from you?

Thank you so much for you kindness describes. Keep me in your prayers.

thank you for your great wish.

I’m always active and online, thanks.

I am also a Level one seller , Approximately 15 days gone No order, No message.

Thank you for your good wish!

First of all thanks for your response, I’m promote your YouTube video million of people group social media platform but it’s not exact number how many people sub you channel and views. I just reach your video by people and choice you content. I’m help you for social media share and hope you understand. YouTube always support Organic way, boot and fake method YouTube always rejected. Thanks

What does that mean? You’ll post a link to the video on groups with millions of followers? Do you own the groups? Or you just post on groups? That’s worthless lol

I would pay for an influencer with millions of followers to post my content, because they get engagement. If someone famous shares my content, people will click.

If a nobody shares my video on Facebook/instagram/whatever, that does nothing. Nobody will click.

So the question is - do you have a big following or not?

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Thank you so much for shearing you own experience.

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Honestly I’m not a big following person. I say you that YouTube always suggest social share for video engagement. I do the same work for a youtubers like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and many others social media marketing.

You didn’t answer my question, at all. How are you sharing the video, where, to whom? If you are just posting the link to the video randomly on Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., there’s no value in that. I can do that myself, and probably better. So no one will buy that.

No dear, I have 176k, 300k, 260k, 95k, 480k Facebook group, I share your video Twitter, Instagram, pinterest use trending # tags, also I have huge number email list and I send a bulk mail for with video link that will help you huge more then your personal share. Thanks

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You are the owner of those facebook groups?