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Already accepted and 5 star rated order got cancelled without any mutual agreement

I had completed an order with my client who needed an urgent delivery of a Python desktop Application.
I did the work in time by staying up all night, he was happy and all was good. But today I got a message that my order was cancelled because he filled a despute against it and all funds are returned.
This is really really inapprpriate.

Is there anything possible that could be done to get me paid for my work? Anything that fiverr could do?

P.S. I haven’t got any TOS warning from Fiverr since I haven’t done anything to violate terms. It’s just that the funds got reversed.

Sounds like a PP chargeback. There’s been a rash of these going around, I’ve noticed. But, they’ve always been around unfortunately. If it was a large sum of money, you may want to reach out to Fiverr CS and ask them if there is anything that can be done. Be polite, even if you get the standard reply about how when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr. Explain to them how much money it was and you may get some, if not all ,of it back.

Kindness will be your best friend here. You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. Be as detailed as possible. It may go in your favor. And, if it doesn’t… that’s just sad to here.

Good luck!


Thanks a lot for understanding. It was really a very large sum for my. The order was for $500 + $15 as tip. After fiverr deduction it was $412. It was so much for me. I am a student and my fees are dependent on it.
I have contacted you through Fiverr CS, I don’t know where else to go. If you could point me to right person or right direction where my voice could be heard and my issue could be resolved, I would be very very thankful to you.
Once again thanks a lot for showing such a kind and understanding behavior.


@emeraldawnn Sorry. I confused your mail with Fiverr CS. Haven’t got any reply so far.
But still thanks a lot for your response. I’ll keep this post updated with any response from Fiverr CS.


I can’t offer any help I’m afraid, but I really do hope you get at least some of it back.

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It’s all good. I hope it gets resolved in your favor. Such a large sum of cash to lose.

This is why I’m hesitant to raise my prices any further. Until the issue of chargebacks is resolved, I’d be hesitant to take on any large project without first working with the client on something smaller.


Maybe one way to stop this chargeback thing is forbidding buyers to pay through PP, forcing them to buy a minimum amount in $ of Fiverr’s cards or funds or anything similar and paying with it. In that way, buyers wouldn’t be able to claim PP an specific amount service related to be charged back.

I really don’t know if this could be even possible, it’s just a thought, but something MUST be done to avoid continuing being scamed by this people :frowning_face:


That’s a really good suggestion. But as we all know, not every buyer (even honest one) will go through the effort of using some other means than they feel comfortable with.
But still, I really appreciate you taking ti effort to think in my favor. Thanks a lot brother.
I just hope I get what I deserve.

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Only way to prevent Paypal chargebacks is actually to make work like paypal chargebacks. If you make chargeback on paypal, other person needs to be informed about it before making next step, and not giving them money automatically.


Hi @imhashir

I’m truly sorry for what happened to you but I do think it’s a Must for Fiverr to change its means of payment and I also think if it’s well and enough explained to buyers, they will surely understand and won’t mind not paying directly through PP but using it to buy their funds. Still don’t now if it could work, as I said, it’s only a thought :frowning_face:

BTW, I’m a girl and my name is Maitasun :wink:

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Thanks @maitasun
I will try to go with this approach. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

P.S. Sorry for that mistake :slight_smile:

It’s OK, no worrys :wink:

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Hi @arty182925

I think, still in this case, there’s a big possibility to lose the PP chargeback dispute, but if Fiverr lets buyers buy their funds through PP, it will dilute and won’t be possible to be pinpointed to an specific amount service related, giving this way a bit wider possibility to minimize chargeback disputes. Again, I don’t know if this is even possible or if Fiverr has even thought about it.

Any purchase made using PayPal has to be within their buyer protection clause, which gives the buyer 180 days in which to ask for a refund.

When we’re using Fiverr, the problem is that we don’t count as the seller, Fiverr does.

In all PayPal disputes, the seller is given an opportunity to contest the dispute if they want to. If they can prove that what was paid for was indeed what the buyer received then more often than not the seller will win the case and keep their hard earned cash.

Perhaps in Fiverr’s case, it costs in terms of staff time and energy to deal with disputes, so it’s easier and cheaper in the long run to not dispute them and to basically let the ‘buyer’ have their work for nothing.

Hugely unfair on individual sellers, and more so because every cancellation, even if it’s done in a scammy way like this one, counts against your completion rate. So not only can you lose the cash you worked hard to earn, you could also get demoted for it.


This is most important thing that Fiverr doesn’t have and it should be like that. It would prevent almost all chargebacks and later nobody would even try to make chargeback.


Hi @offlinehelpers, thanks for explaining how PP chargeback disputs work.

I’m so sorry for all the sellers that have to deal with all this scamming scheme and I really do hope Fiverr would think of something to minimize this happening over and over again.

It’s sad, very sad :frowning_face:


what I find a bit difficult in doing is how Fiverr can back X amount of sellers being charged back if most of them don’t even know how to comunicate properly in English? :frowning_face:

Fiverr just need to let Paypal do their thing when requesting paypal chargeback and not automatically cancel order. English is irrelevant here to be honest. Paypal needs proof that we did our part for order and that is it.


Ahhh yay! Someone else that understands what that term actually means!! That’s what my pop always told me - but he said lemon lol :lemon:…It’s the best way to go – not just on fiverr – but in life, generally.

Great advice :blush::sunglasses:


Thanks for your explanation @arty182925