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Already completed an Order, But Extra Gig earnings are not Showing.They are still NEW orders.WHY?

I finished a design job for a client on the 22nd and he ordered extra gigs with it. Well why i was on the first project, he then updated the order with the two extra gigs. Now i have delivered the order and the extras but it’s only the first order which is the normal $4 that is showing on pending clearance and the extra gigs which are supposed to be completed with the initial order aint coming up. I still find them under NEW orders. I have contacted the buyer and he said he had already completed teh orders and there’s no notification on his dashboard. I have contacted fiverr support but i dont know why they are not responding since 24 hours now. what should i do then, the money is there but it is not coming up, it’s been more than 4 days now! I’ll appreciate any assistance.

hi, I am facing the exact same situation now - 10 days have passed and I have 2 orders showing as new because the extra gig was purchased while I was working on the initial gig. Did you get any feedback or resolution ?

Thank you

Me too!