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Already getting Issues

Hi everyone. I’m new here and I am selling voiceover work. I have some experience and have been recommended to try Fiverr to make some money from my talent. Hey if you’re good at something, you don’t do it for free!

In the space of the 2 days I’ve been here I’ve been asked to complete a project and when I sent the offer they replied that they can’t accept offers and someone else will send the offer. In order to receive payment and make the gig official, but they’d be grateful if I completed the project while they try and sort payment (yeah right).
Another asking for my email so they can send the project information and asking for my name and address to send the cheque for payment, while not wanting to follow the Fiverr terms of service.

Is there any way to weed out the obvious scams like these?

Thanks everyone:)


Hi there, and welcome to both Fiverr and the forum.

Sadly, in the early days, this is normal. The bad apples who frequent Fiverr look for new sellers to take advantage of. There isn’t really much more you can do, other than keep your wits about you like you’re doing, and if something seems off, my advice is always to go with your gut.

The good news is it does get better… but those first couple of months are a slog. Once you’ve got enough social proof in the form of reviews, you’ll be able to up your prices, and you’ll find that 99% of this disappears, as scammers don’t want to waste their time dealing with experienced sellers.

Edit - You can and should also report this each time it happens to you. It can feel a bit ‘cat and mouse’, but it does help Fiverr work out who’s causing trouble.

Stick with it - I promise it’s worth it. Best of luck to you.


Thanks for posting this. I left Freelancer because of all the scammers. I’ve been on Fiverr a few days and I already got one.

But your post helps. I’ll just report them and keep going.

Thank you

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It seems a good few people want work for free. It’s a shame that Fiverr doesn’t do more to protect its workers as without the workers there is no platform

Couldn’t agree more.

Well they do :wink: they can not check and each message on fiverr, though the do have trigger words that will initiate fiverr staff checking the violation. However spammers are everywhere and they are trying to find ways around.

You personally also can help fiverr to protect yourself and others by pressing “report” button next to the message.

Great that you don’t fall for this “tricks”. Those kind of people are trying to target mostly new sellers as most of new sellers are desperate and more than 90% doesn’t read fiverr TOS.

Don’t even spend your energy on this. Every time someone like this contacts you, just do: report-block-move on.

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