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Also Give a Chance to Newbies PLEASE!


Usually Buyers buy gig from 2nd level and Top rated sellers only… I just want to request … Please also give a chance to newbies. Even I buy gig only after taking a look on reviews… but last day i bought a gig from a newbie and he did a wonderful job… I am very happy! :slight_smile:

God Bless You all :slight_smile:


The First order is what Really Matters Most with thump up rating. Although truely Fiverr needs to take Note of newbies. Aint Newbies expert in their Fields? Can somebody Answer that. Also use the request page daily


I am a newbie, perhaps you might wanna take a look at what I offer?

Nah, just kidding!

Good point. :slight_smile:


100% agree!


Newbies here in Fiverr are great :slight_smile:


@shawnecannon Thanks Mate :slight_smile:


@madmoo Absolutely!


@princemaxx Yes! Your Movie trailer is fantastic… will buy soon…


agree! =) my level is only a cow but I might offer stuff that u might be interested. =)


@zielziel you just joined 4 days before! Have patience… I am sure you’ll get orders soon…

All the Best !


@madmoo: haha I always thought it was a cow but close inspection you’re right it was a sheep. =)))) Reply to @amyample: thank you! best of luck to us! :slight_smile:


Woo. Definitely help us newbies.

Perhaps you can help me by checking my gigs.: )


Reply to @amyample: Haha, that was a fluke. I didn’t really mean it.

If you are actually serious, do personal message me before you buy it. My main computer is apparently broken and I cannot complete any gig order.



I will msg you before buying :slight_smile:


I have a query here, from when actually the ball starts rolling? is it depending upon time or only hard work :-/


I really think this level thinks should have some balance. And most of the buyers now only look for old buyer reviews. I am a level one seller with a few buyer review and its hard for me to get orders.


Reply to @madmoo: Really well explained. Thanks so much.


I was the first person to buy a new gig from a new seller recently, and it was great! One way to test the waters if you’re worried is to send a message to the seller first. The seller I contacted wrote back quickly and with a detailed/clear response, and his gig turned out very well for me.


Hey, we order from newbies all the time. Like moo said, we too were looking for our first order once as well!!


Reply to @princemaxx: No, definitely take a look at what he’s offering. He’s good.