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Also Give a Chance to Newbies PLEASE!


Reply to @madmoo: lol


@mathematasian Great! I am sure now you’ll start getting more orders!


good point, but amyample ; most of the times buyers want it that the gig’s are delivered fast, and if they have been buyed before from some1 and they are happy with work they do it again from same sellers.

i mean it would be better for me to buy a gig from some1 that i trust and have been worked before, but as you say it’s great idea to give a chance to newbies so they can start earn money , wich means that will grow more more and full of new ideas :slight_smile:



I understand but

that someone was also a newbie once. You gave him/her a chance and he/she did a wonderful job. If we’ll give chance to newbies, we can get much more than expected !


i agree :slight_smile: i just said my opinion :slight_smile:


We were all newbies at one time or another.


I have to agree. I just got my first order and then I have received a positive feedback! :smiley:


Reply to @plusvn: Congrats and welcome to Fiverr.