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Also Give a Chance to Newbies!

For many of the idolaters Why do not you give us the opportunity to work beginners a chance to work

Everyone here was a newbie once. If you’re not getting any interest at all, revise your gig descriptions etc. and hit up buyer requests.

It wouldn’t hurt to improve your English communication skills, either. Plenty of buyers will be put off if they see that your English isn’t great, as it increases the chances of miscommunication and bad results due to misunderstanding. The opportunity is there, but you need to put some work in it to make it work for you.

I am deterred when I see mangled English on a gig or profile. Not only does the seller display an inability to communicate in my language, but is careless about how he presents his gigs. Either he does not know or does not care that the gig and profile are very poorly written, and this creates a bad impression, showing that this is likely to be the quality of work I would receive. That’s one reason.

The other is that I cannot see a lot of reviews, and can’t see a lot of samples of work done. Therefore, I have no way of knowing what I will be getting. It is more of a risk.

It takes time, many months, to slowly build up to getting more orders. Don’t expect people to rush to you until you have been here for a while and have more reviews.

I’m not sure but I suggest removing the “12 hours” bit on the “create a High quality LOGO”. You can technically, but really 24 hours is enough. There’s more chances of getting bad reviews of such and the quality of work may look rushed or unfinished as a result of this. However, this is my opinion.

As others have said, you need to improve your English.

OP signed up in 2015 and already has 8 reviews and he is complaining about not being given a chance. I signed up 4 months ago and I didn’t make a single sale. Now you give me a chance, OP.

Fiverr’s clients are generally very busy people and they don’t have time to guide the new sellers as the new sellers are very prone to make mistakes and misinterpret the instructions.

But I think they should be given a chance and they are given a chance on Fiverr. All the Top sellers were new sellers at one point.

It might be the case that instead of buyers not giving a new seller a chance, they just do not like how your gig and presentation look.

Idolaters? I didn’t know I was a God.

All kidding aside, who says beginners don’t get a chance? Almost everyone gets hired eventually. You’ve been hired before, so it’s obvious people are taking their chances with you.

With that said, you only have 3 gigs, and for things everyone else is doing. Entrepreneurial graphic designers are always looking for opportunities. Sometimes the key is to have one generic gig and one specific gig. For example, a book cover designer might have a gig dedicated to horror books, romance books, etc.

Or if everyone is designing Facebook covers, try designing covers for Periscope (assuming they accept covers, I’m not familiar with that platform).

Either way, this is a marketplace, and a marketplace isn’t about opportunities. It’s about needs. People hire me when they need my service, if they don’t need me or find someone that does it for less, maybe they hire that person instead.

You could have an advise gig for people who want help and suggestions for their gigs as I know you are good at that and it is needed.

I tried that for a while, had a gig for gig titles and descriptions, but alas, I didn’t get enough orders so I deleted the gig. I don’t like gigs just sitting there, I like to see some action.

Harsh but true:
If I had the desire to hire someone in your field it wouldn’t be you because of the following:

I would have massive doubts about the fact that the communication would be any good as there are too many linguistic mistakes in you profile (I didn’t even read your gigs).

The same is true for what you just posted. There is guessing needed in order to understand what you just wrote. This is for many people a total deal breaker.

We don’t talk about the normal, forgivable typo’s here. Read your own post and you know what I mean.

Thank you. I believe every buyer looks for a trustworthy seller. The challenge being that the two can not meet personally but only through an online interface. Therefore, every seller has an obligation to have the best and attractive profile.

For every successful seller we have in this community, they can tell you something; they worked their way through with patience and perseverance. Success follows those who are excellent, take time to build your work profile. Put it in such a way that you can admire it.

I am a newbie and I help others create website on wordpress hosting like I have done on some of them here ***********.com. But I don’t get much orders… :confused:

That’s because you’re a spammer, and nobody likes you. A Segway isn’t a hoverboard. It also has the rather dubious distinction of killing its inventor (who famously fell off a cliff riding his contraption)

I want one but I read that people are breaking their wrists a lot when they fall off one. It’s a pretty good site you made. The writing needs to be proofread and also rewritten by a native English speaker.

I am also new on FIverr

LOL. You got it, emmaki. Spammers just bug the tar out of me.

We all start out as newbies. And I am so grateful for those who gave me a chance. Even though I am a level 2 seller now, I still have so much to learn about this site and how it works. I’m just about to revise my videos. And this sort of thing is a constant. It’s the attitude of learning, constantly improving that helps a person succeed. As long as you are wiling to work, and learn new things, then it should all turn out. Best of luck to you and everyone on fiverr. Grace

Hi logo_khalix. If you would like some help improving the English in your gigs or profile I would be happy to help for free as you are a newbie. Let me know if you are interested.