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Alternatives To Cancelling An Order


Orders can be cancelled for a number of different reasons. Here are the different ways you can handle it!

If the buyer orders by mistake:

-Chances are your going to have to cancel.

If the buyer orders something you can’t order:

-Offer extra credit towards a future order in return for not cancelling a gig.

-Cancel the order.

If the buyer is unreasonable:

-Do not engage in any form of argument with the buyer. Document any issues you may have. Present case to CS.

-Cancel the order.

Hope these minor suggests will help a few out there who struggle!


I’d say that there are ways to discuss disputes that don’t necessarily mean arguing. I’ve had some somewhat heated discussions with bad clients in the past which usually were just the result of their misunderstanding my service, which then resulted in their being angry about it and feeling like I cheated them. On one occasion I was able to convince them of their error, got them to consent to changing their bad review, and then had fiverr change the review when he didn’t follow up on that.