Although I am experienced but why did not get any order?



I’ve started my journey on it’s already two months plus but still didn’t get any order?

I’ve very good working experienced with top leading agencies of around the world such as WPP, Enfatico, Wunderman etc. and long-time working with DELL’s online marketing such as Newsletter template building, localization, static and animated banner designing. And I know What is the best quality and the value of meeting clients deadline. Although I am highly experienced and very qualified on my professional skills.

Now one more thing I wanna mention that now I’ve set my goal and focus on it - and that is - Banner ads developing - HTML5 animation banner, GIF animation banner, and static banner. Here is my first GIG of that: HTML5 Banner Ads only for $5 -

Maybe I am missing something but don’t know what is that?

Is it self-branding?
Lack of marketing or marketing strategy for my GIGs?
if yes then where I will get my buyers or Leeds and how I will do my marketing to move forward to my career with FIVERR.

Thanks for being here and knowing my current situation.
And I appreciate your valuable suggestion and guidelines.

Hi there, I am new on Fiver