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Always active fiverr

How to be always online active with fiverr apps mobile.
Fiverr apps go offline after 5 minutes to open, so how do I always stay online?


You can’t always stay online. That’s why system shows you offline after 5 min otherwise it will be again lying to your clients. What if someone will contact you because your status showing online but you’ll be sleeping during this time and would be able to respond on that message only in the morning?

Don’t try to cheat the system, cheating wouldn’t help you.


I don’t think its cheating if you can get the app always open on mobile…
Many times you have your mobile phone with you, but the app stops running in the background hence showing you offline.

And why should it keep running on the background if you are not using it? It’s only fair that it stops working on the background because it might be night at your place and you are sleeping hence you are obviously not online.


Auto-Refresher is an option but I’m not sure Is that allowed? Any expert can highlight it?

Does autorefresher work on andriod mobile apps… That works on just chrome and browsers right?

Thanks for advice

I guess your phone capacity determines how long your background apps continue to stay online

You can’t stay online on mobile unfortunately. But you can stay active on PC.