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Always, always, always check the amount processed!

Hi everybody.

I’m a long time seller and during the past 4 months, with 2 orders, I’ve received much less than the orders totals! One was a small job of $20 that fiverr credited only $5 after the order was completed and now it happened again with an order of $75 which I received only $20 after the order being completed!
I wonder if it’s a needy bug that pick a couple bucks here and there?!

Last time I got a credit after claiming it but not a single apologize nor a justification for the issue. This time I’m waiting for support to solve it but I don’t want to let it go that easy.

So, fellow fiverrs, if you have experienced similar issues, file a claim and report it. If you have never experienced such thing, I advise you to always, ALWAYS, check the amounts after orders completed, revenues, etc. If it happens more than once, it’s sad but definitely not to trust!


Do you know at which point you start noticing the discrepancy? What I mean is, as soon as an order is created, an “Order Revenue” line is generated in the Earnings statement. Do you see the discrepancy here already, or does it take place later, when funds are pending clearance, or when they finally clear?

Just so we know what to be on the lookout for.

Also, did those two orders have anything special in common that made them different from most others? Like both of them getting tips, the price of the order being increased via the Resolution Center, or something of the sort?


It has been in both cases at the same point - the order completion - and both were absolutely normal orders, just plain fee, no extras, no tip. Instead of deducting the normal $1 per each $5, I got $5 for a $20 and now $20 for a $75. This is not something we can say “yeah, there was a error in processing”, it’s a serious issue. I only got this one by chance when was going to leave feedback for the buyer, otherwise $40 are going to the “void”. As a seller and customer, how can I keep trusting Fiverr?


Here’s what appears in the order page.


Being such a reputed freelancing platform, i didn’t expect Fiverr to do such a thing. Hope they respond to your query and it never happens to anybody else.

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There’s no need to worry, he should check the earnings.

I had this too, they show $20 because the buyer ordered 3 times the regular quantity. When an order is complete, Fiverr shows only the amount you earned for a single gig. If you have 3x the quantity, it’s 3x the amount shown there. It should show the $60 in the earnings for the example above.

You shouldn’t check the order page, check the Earnings page as that’s where you see how much you got paid.


Maybe they should still reword the “you earned $20” bit thoug. It’s a bit misleading if they don’t show the full amount earned for the order (when >1 of something is ordered) somewhere other than the earnings page.

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Hello, are you sure for the $75 one they didn’t put $20 three times, once on each line?

Oh, no. This is not anything out of the ordinary. It’s a plain order of $75 of which I should have received $60!

The worst part is that I just got a reply from the support saying “that wasbsolvednin dec 2019” - which refers to the first time it happened to me! They just didn’t paid attention that this is a different is time and ignored me closing the ticket.

Shame on you fiverr!

Seriously customer service is bad. They just copy and paste. They don’t go through your messages

Did you check the Earnings page for this order? That’s where you see how much is pending for withdrawal. What’s on the order page doesn’t matter.

I also facing this problem. But i think when any buyer dispute through paypal fiverr mines our balance.

No dispute, no nothing…
It was a ordinary order with long time customer that we kept open for a while until everything was done. Once the order got closed, from the total of $75, I earned $20 and that’s how much is pending clearance regarding this order! What the hell fiverr?!..

Now the most interesting part is the guy from support that is saying "yes, it was a glitch in the system and it was credited on 22 dec’19 - WHAT?!.. fiverr can could predict on dec’19 that this problem was going to happen on Mar’20?..

My advise, again, stay sharp and always check every transaction all the way. I’m sure I’m not the only one getting ripped off.