Always Ask FIRST about GIG Verification! [Older thread ARCHIVED]


Always ask for details about how the seller will provide you with verification of their service, especially if it not made clear on their Gig. If they do not accept messages, be weary. If they have a low score, be sure to read a lot more of their ratings and see the thumbs down messages most of all. This is about the time you want to start comparing the amount of thumbs down to the amount of thumbs up, and thumbs up should heavily out weigh the thumbs down! If it is below a 90% move one! I personally look for the 100% because those are the people who really go the extra mile to make you happy and provide a USEFUL service. Don’t be afraid to ask!

I had an educational experience with a user, whose name I will not say (…because I am HONEST, I will type it: Fragglesrock) in which I did not inquire prior to purchase about the details of verification, which were not anywhere on the gig. Essentially he canceled the gig and never answered my questions prior to or after I called him out, for sending me my audio file I sent him, claiming the gig was done, when the gig was suppose to occur for the next 2 days to be complete! Never received any type of verification! (Guy/girl is a SCAM, save your money, glad I received my $25 back)

Im just saying, be careful :slight_smile:


I think this should be in the “tips for buyers” section…


Yes @martin_carignan, you are right…it is buyer advice…Anyway fiverr has the best protection for buyers. Buyers are not bound to accept any delivered order if it does not meet their satisfaction. They can simply reject and ask for redo or refund of their money. So nothing harm for fiverr. And even if somehow a buyer think his order is not completed as he wants, he can simply connect with ‘Fiverr Support’ and most of the time, they cancelled the order and refund the money to the buyer. However as a LEVEL2 Seller, i always give refund NO QUESTION ASKED by me. However even a buyer cancels his order with me, my priority is to ask and try to redo the work without any cost to make my buyer happy. After all buyer is money :stuck_out_tongue: