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Always Communicate well to get the job

One of the most important factor in landing a job is communication, I’ve been dealing with freelancers, lately, and I’ve discovered mostly the cancellation of contract is due to communication factor. Idea could easily be misinterpreted if one doesn’t exceed in understanding the key points, thus, leading towards cancellation.

I’ve cancelled lots of projects due to this reason, mostly, I’ve gathered responses like “I can do it”, “this job is easy for me”, but, when explained the methodology, seller turns into a blank page.

Freelancing or permanent, job is job, take is serious and have a profound relationship with it. English you’ve been taught in schools wasn’t just to make you a “burger”, it was to make you proceed in life, in communications, in dealings.

Technical skills are required but having a strong communication medium is a requisite, as well. Pardons, if I’m being rude, but have a thought on this.

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That’s true! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for sharing with us! Congrats for your current experience!