Always logging in


I’m not fond of always having to re-login on my phone.

Did something change?

It is really annoying that every time I close out of Safari on my iphone that it logs me out. I wish it saved my info like on my computer.

Any suggestions about how not to have to login every time?

I check mark that I want it to remember me but it doesn’t work.


I’ve been having that problem too! Also, whenever I close my browser and reopen, I have to log back in. I thought it was something wrong with my computer but it sounds like it’s something wrong with the site


Reply to @alliemadison12: In your browser settings, do you have it set to save cookies?


It’s happening everytime on my phone (Android) and sometimes on my pc (using Chrome).

I think it’s going on from one month…

At the very beginning I thought my phone was going crazy, but then realized it’s a Fiverr site problem.

Naturally my browser is set to “remember me” and “use cookies”… but it’s like cookies expires and need to be created again…


It’s always happened on my phone (iPhone) and now my tablet (Android). But it is storing my information so I can just quickly press the login button.


I believe that I heard Apple will come out with an update to their iOS 7 eventually that will allow people to store usernames and passwords for quick access.

I like to frequently check my notifications in Fiverr, so it’s really a bummer that I have to type in my email every time. It’s just tedious on my phone for as much as I check.


I’m sure that most browsers have a way to “pin” tabs so that when you restart the browser , the site(s) that you were viewing during the previous session are still available.


It’s something that’s changed fairly recently I think, because I remember well a time when I didn’t have to log into my account every time on either my phone or my computer. Of course, this change seemed to have happened when I was abroad, and I couldn’t remember my password, so I had to reset it.


Reply to @kjblynx: I’m going to have to try that, and see if it makes a difference, as I’ve only ever logged in with my username.


Oh thank goodness, it’s not just me. This started happening to me just after I bought a new laptop, so thought it was a cookie thing (altho it didn’t seem to be happening on any other website). But it’s not; I check my settings. And it’s not every time, either. It seems to be 50% to 60% of the time, I must re-log in, whether the computer was shut off or sleeping since I’d last logged in. I just had to log-in now, even though I didn’t several hours ago. Very odd, but at least I know it’s not me. (For comparison, related to above comments, I always have signed in under my email address & actually forgot my password when this glitch about not being recognized started happening.)



On both my iPad and iPhone, I went into safari and set it to ask me to save passwords. Now the fields are populated when I try to login.

problem solved! Just wanted to let you guys know.


Reply to @kuzzmedia: being an IT guy, I need to tell you that this is a really really bad practice!! Saving passwords on browser is a risk for your security, believe me!!


Remember me does not work. I’ve checked. It never saves any cookie. Its all session based. Browser closed session destroyed.


Reply to @atechkid: I don’t know if you’re right, I didn’t check; but if you’re right… why is that checkbox still there?


I Just deleted all fiverr cookies and saved password in firefox and did a re-login with my complete email. Currently it stayes logged in after firefox restart.