Always mark gigs complete


when they are complete! I completed a gig but wanted to be nice and give a bonus for late delivery. I got no response, fell asleep and woke up. Bam, cancelled gig. The guy gets his $40 back and all of his articles (note: it hadn’t gone very late before i slept, must have done whilst i was dreaming of stuff!) and I am out of pocket (7 hours work on them) and I get a negative feedback :frowning: Which sucks :slight_smile: I had already given him a 4 article bonus for being a regular customer, so 20 articles written and nothing to show for it :frowning: so sellers, always mark gigs complete! :o



Ask him to remove it. Offer him another article :slight_smile:


Then that would take another 30 minutes of my time to write him an article, and I would still have not got the $32 for the 8 gig order :frowning: Which means he would be 21 articles up! I just got in touch with customer support, hoepfully that will help.


What a crumbum! :frowning:


Problem sorted! Negative feedback gone, obviously I don’t get paid, but that’s fine. I was late and I should suffer I guess. Now back to getting orders in on time!


How does a Seller mark the Gig as completed?


Sorry, I mean mark as delivered! Something I stupidly forgot to do :frowning: It is my own fault!


sorry to hear that, thank you for pointing that out!


I keep a close eye on the Manage Sales tab to watch out for upcoming deadlines. I sometimes keep track on an online calendar, too.


Reply to @ryangillam: It happens to the best of us. I always mark my gigs completed the second I deliver them.