Always online in fiverr


How can i spend always online in fiverr?


You can’t - you have to sleep at some point. :sunny:


leave the fiverr tab open while you sleep


Okay, so I message him, he doesn’t answer and his response rate goes down to 50%. He gets demoted because of 5rs new rule come Jan 15th.

Whose fault is it that he got demoted? :thinking:


That does nothing - you need to actually be online, navigating the site for it to keep ‘online’.


Dear @mh_rabby you can use your mobile phone by downloding fiverr app it will help you to go online 24/7 but its a bad idea to go online always.


but it’s not working just few minutes latter i see that my account is offline but my tab is currently open.


But why its a bad idea to go online always???


Please read it what @gina_riley2 say