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Always please your clients

It gives such a great feeling when someone across the world can put their faith in you to do their project either it is to transcribe, write an article, do a voice over etc and you do it well. When we are doing any form of work, we should it do with enthusiasm in your hearts every step of the way as that will affect the outcome which will please clients as our best was inserted in 100%.

unfortunately, no matter how your best is you can’t please everybody.

No, of a fact, we can’t please everyone but that is so when the the person on the receiving end of what you’re offering doesnt:

1.Know what they want.

  1. Know what they want but don’t know how to communicate to you the seller.

  2. Communicate through the process of the service delivery, don’t just wait for final delivery, but ask sellers for even samples on what they have done so far so glutamate a real sense ofwhat’'s happening.

But once buyer knows what he wants and smooth communication takes place throughout the process then no both parties especially clients should be satisfied.