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Always say to your buyer "Give me Feedback on this GIg"

I have a small but meaningful and profitable method to make a good profile

Always say to your buyer that “please if you like my work then please Give me feedback on it”. it will create a way for the new customer to trust you. By giving Feedbacks on your profile it will boost your sell to. know you will say “how”?.
Listen this is human psyche that whenever he/she wants to buy something he/she will see the behaviour of other consumers for that product, If you will have good reviews the visitor will stop on your profile and will wants to buy from you because your profile will have different type of favourable comments with 5***** (starts) so, According to my experience it is impacting more well then other factors.
Hope you will get the idea from above few lines, Have any question or wants to discuss it more please comment on it, to know more and spread the knowledge.

Thank you




I am sorry, OP, but we are not allowed to ask for the feedback anymore. There was a thread about it a week back too.

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Really? I thought you weren’t allowed to ask for positive feedback. Feedback, in general, should be okay right?

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I find this to be HIGHLY annoying. When I accept the order, the next two screens automatically takes me to feedback & review. It’s impossible, impossible, impossible to miss.


Thanks for sharing your point. I know that, but you can say him like that if you like my work then please leave a feedback, We are not here on Fiverr for earning only money, we are here to help those who need us. and we are providing our services for not the only sake of gaining money but also for the happiness of our soul, Fiverr will not unhappy if we will tell him that please give us feedback. We can not say him/her to give me positive feedback. it is the choice of our buyer what he/she give us. Normally our clients are happy with us and giving us the positive review. We are also not buying the review from buyers, we want to know that if we did right or wrong. simple

Do as you please! But don’t blame the Fiverr Community Members when something happens to your account.

Yeah, exactly you cannot say to your buyer to give me positive feedback, You can only say him to give me feedback, Don’t say him positive or negative, because we also in doubt when someone not give us feedback, sometimes he give us feedback late but that is also helpful for our coming clients.

Will not happen anything bad because we are not doing anything against of Fiverr community, we are comparing our knowledge with the clients wants. And that we will know from their reviews and if we are not in that position which Fiverr clients wants. then it will help us to improve our skills and Fiverr also love to those who care about their buyer users. and personally, I am caring too much about the clients of Fiverr


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The Fiverr Acadamy says something similar:

Here you go! Please let me know if you need any changes to the work before leaving a review. You can do this by contacting me via inbox or hitting the “request revision” button. If you’re 100% satisfied, consider leaving a review as that helps me out

But to me it seems sort of to be manipulating the rating system which is against the rules. The buyer should be able to leave a review and rating (if they want to) whether or not they are 100% satisfied. It seems like this thread and the Fiverr academy post is asking people to only leave a review if they like the work or are (according to Fiverr Academy) 100% satisfied.


Personally when I see “leave me a review” or “leave me a positive review” it’s off putting and uncomfortable. I’ll leave a review if I want to. Don’t make it awkward. I could be “100% satisfied” but if I’m hinted to do it… then pass.


Wow, it’s really hard to say what to do…ha

Thank you so much to share this information which is also proving that I am right, Fiverr is caring platform and I know well that it is caring to everyone and because of that I am sharing one most good sample word which is in this article. A sample message is below:
I noticed you left no review yet and I wanted to ensure everything was delivered as expected. Should you need changes, let me know. Otherwise, a review helps me here. I’m sharing this because Fiverr automatically closes an order page three days after I deliver, and I want a chance to either make changes or let you leave feedback


I’m surprise at this development

I honestly do not support the fact that you tell your buyer to leave a review. I don’t know, I just feel like it’s not needed or It looks annoying.
Because after the buyer accept the delivery, he will be automatically directed to the feedback page as @gina_riley2 said.

So it’s like Fiverr is doing it for you instead of you telling the buyer to do so which some of them might see it as annoying.


You can say but by using clearity as you can see in this post, there this issue describe well than me

@lancewrite, what’s your percentage of rated orders, if you don’t mind sharing?

It’s even more annoying when I have regular sellers (sellers I’ve bought several gigs) say this. I feel like saying, “Really? Don’t I always give you a review?”:roll_eyes:

Just like you said, 5r already reminds me when I close it out.


Maybe, they use a template message at the end of the delivery. Who knows.

I used to ask for leaving feedback, back in the days and the number of reviewed orders was 60% when I stopped asking for feedback the percentage become 72-75% depending on the month.Therefore, asking for feedback didn’t work out for me.