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Always THANK your Buyers for tips!

This one should be a no-brainer, but it seems like it might not be.

I’m always delighted by tips here. So when a Buyer leaves me a tip after completing our order, I make sure to take a minute to send a separate note to their inbox to say Thank You.

But when I’ve been using Fiverr as a Buyer, I’ve been kind of blown away by how infrequently people say Thank You in response to a tip from me. I’ve left some large tips for a few people, only to find myself double-checking a few days later to make sure they received it - after which point I receive a “yup, thanks!” Honestly, it’s made me a lot more hesitant to leave tips. If a Seller doesn’t even care enough to say thanks, why bother?

No good, folks.

So here’s my Public Service Announcement for the day: if someone leaves you a tip, say a quick thank you! It shows that you appreciate the gesture, and it helps reinforce a practice that we all want to see continued here. :slight_smile:

That’s a shame some people don’t thank you for tips. That’s good you posted it, because apparently some sellers obviously aren’t aware of simple manners. It’s good business to send a quick message like “Thanks so much for the tip! It was a pleasure working with you.”

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i think you right, the tips show that buyer appriciated our work and we have to say thank back, it’s the key to success.

david388 said: But when I've been using Fiverr as a Buyer, I've been kind of blown away by how infrequently people say Thank You in response to a tip from me.

Really? There are ungrateful people like that on Fiverr?
Wow. Is there a generalized trend you’ve noticed between the people who don’t respond?
Perhaps, they are piled with orders or there are from a third world country where thanking isn’t a custom?

Yes, it only takes a few seconds to say and it means so much to buyers. You could even have a Fiverr seller make a custom graphic, video, or jingle to accompany your thank you note. That way you support the community and let your buyers know that you care at the same time. Thank yous are important.

Reply to @alliemadison12: my thoughts exactly! It takes about 5 seconds to send something like that.

Reply to @lissa_1: I love that idea - thanks for the suggestion!

Reply to @david388:

You’re very welcome.

Thanks alliemadison12