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Always use custom order when responding to buyer request, its God send!

The greatest thing every fiverr seller should be using while responding to buyer request is the custom order. BRAVO! for the person among fiverr team who bring the idea. Especially for newbies with zero level and with no features gig, its a great opportunity to be able to describe how better in value your offer will be. I have a great experience sending custom offer. I suggest it for every seller. And for you fiverr team, WELLDONE!

It can be an OK tool. It’s a standard feature–if not a main feature–on virtually all other sites that I cannot mention. I wouldn’t go applauding whoever had the idea, although I wild mildly clap if forced to for pushing it through.

Just wait until you have your first furious custom order buyer. Sing a song then…

Well, You are right no matter how good you seem to be, you won’t be good enough for some people. But, if someone through want anything related to generating traffic. I always create a custom order for them. And I never have problem with them except one.