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Always wanting more more more!


Many buyers contact me asking me to sweeten the gig in some way… a lot it seems.

“Give me even more for 1 gig. i.e. Make 3 videos instead of 1 but they are shorter” (wanting more)

“Have this done within 10 minutes or today or do it tomorrow instead” (wanting to dictate time)

Also a lot of my gigs are already EXPRESS, should I make it 1, 2 or even 3 days and just add the express option

so I can get paid for doing it in 24 hours or less (sometimes in under 12, 6 or even 1 hour!)

I’d love some bonus features so we can be paid for our time.

I am all for providing quality but it’d be nice if there were built in tipping and messages that said

"this person delivered this to you WAY EARLY, consider tipping along with positive feedback, etc"

Also I’m not sure if buyers care or realize but we make about $3.92 per gig and that doesn’t even

cover most drinks at Starbucks, I just wish there were more options… to start a gig at a 10err lol.

People will also ask for free work or free samples to see how well I do for them or how work comes out

with the promise of ordering lots of gigs or more gigs, if they like the result… so now we’re not working

for $3.92 but for a shot at $3.92 lol.

There are some awesome people out there that will pay a fair price and be great and not expect the world from you

for what they paid you.

It’d be nice if there were better options for Sellers to earn more for the work they produce.

I understand the basic concept is what makes this place special but a little button that said

"Click this button to make it a full Fiverr for your Seller" which maybe is $7 or $8 and we keep the full $5.

It can be optional but so many ideas could increase money, productivity and more here… hope to see some of it.

Okay rant over… continue ranting :slight_smile:

What do you think of more options and how are your experiences with Buyers?