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Am a new on fiver how do i get my first order?

Could anyone help me please !
am a new on fiver and i’ve been here for almost 5 months, I am a graphic design designer and i sent many requests but no response from buyers. …please help me!
how do i get orders or how can i attract the buyers to convince them i have skills and can get the job done easily for them ?
best regards

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Welcome to the forum.

According to your profile, you’ve spent 3 minutes reading anything here on the forum. That’s less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee. Might I suggest that your first step should be to do some reading, here on the forum? The question you’re asking has been asked literally thousands of times before, and there’s a wealth of free information for you. Try looking in the Tips section, and using the Search function.


good morning here,
thank you so much for your suggestion, okay am going to search some tips section… :blush: thanks

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