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Am fedup with this fiver thing of no sales,,,,,

please check this my gig and see what is wrong with it, am not making any sales at all. its boring

Are you waiting for the sales to come? Or are you promoting your services?

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please can you suggest ways for me to make sales. Thnaks

If you are feeling “bored” for not getting work, you’ve got the wrong mindset I’m afraid.

I am no expert in what you are offering, but simply comparing with other
popular sellers in the same field I can see the differences clearly.
Did you compare your gig with other successful sellers?

If I was new at Shopify, I wouldn’t order your gig, and here’s why.

I don’t need:

  • 2 Pages
  • 20 Products
  • 2 Plugins/Extensions

Think about it, I’m brand new, I’m gonna be lucky if I can find 5 to 10 products I want to sell. So I’m not going to pay you $35 for that basic package.

Your Basic should be $10 to $15, then you can do double for $20 or $30, and keep your premium at $95 or continue doubling the price.

Then you can have gig extras for those that need more.

Also, “Platinum” isn’t used in advertising unless you have 4 packages.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum is a standard industry practice.

So you can do Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Silver, Gold, Platinum looks strange, and anything that looks strange might cause a buyer to seek someone else.

Good luck to you!

Remember, do less for less, more for more, but not more for less.

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Great advice. You could have charged OP $5 for it alone.

Keep patience. Hope, you will get order very soon. Best of luck!!!

please can you give me some recommendations from your point of view as a new buyer, what will you expect to get.

Try to do gorgeous gig with right information & make sure you provide best quality product. Marketing your gig on social media and send buyer request everyday.

please can you view my gig and tell me what is appropriate now,i just made some changes to it now