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Am fresh on fiverr

am Joel Davis
from Jamaica
i do flat logo design and file converting

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Welcome Joel Davis from Jamaica. Good luck as you begin your freelance career here on Fiverr.

Welcome Joel Davis. If you haven’t got any order yet, you could try out the buyer request section. It works. Good luck.

thank you, and you as well

some good advice, thank you

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hey there.i am a new seller…i just joined Fiverr two days before and i did not get any order yet. please give some tips to get an order soon. thank you :slight_smile:

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Please do not hijack forum topics started by other sellers just to ask for help for you. You have the ability to start your own topic. We will be more likely to help you there.

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i am sorry ok.i didn’t get the procedureclearly. i ll start my own.thnks!