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Am getting a lot of impressions and clicks but little sales


I have just made two sales considering the fact that i have a lot of impressions and clicks. pls guys check out my gig and let me know what i did wrong, so i can rectify them to improve my gig


Where are you from?
Your profile says you are from the US but I can see your English is not that good, that is something buyers really pay attention to.


Please let me know the places i made mistake so i can correct myself. Thanks for your response.


Your description looks like you just used Google translator. I am a native Spanish speaker so I recommend you look for someone who speaks English and has perfect grammar to help you rewrite your descriptions.
I suggest you don’t lie about your location (in case you are not from the US), laying about your location using VPNs and stuff can get you in trouble with CS and also buyers can notice you are lying so they will avoid working with you.


Using a photo of Jen Marquez as your profile picture, makes me feel like you are lying about everything on your profile and you are most probably lying about your skills as well.

I don’t think you will get any more sales to be honest.

There’s nothing wrong with being a male from Pakistan or India.

Lying about being a Caucasian woman from the states though will get you in trouble.


You should promote your gig.


solid piece of advice from a veteran.