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Am getting screwed by fiverr and payoneer[advice] [Solved]

i wanted to try the fiverr revenue card option to withdraw funds with payoneer so i opened an account and traffered 40$ which was succesful and used to ship me the payoneer debit card.

after i recieved the card i thought everything was great so i withdrew 970$ using the fiverr revenue card option, a notification in fiverr’s header showed that the withdraw was successful and should be getting a message from payoneer about the funds in my account, its already a week haven’t seen anything. no funds in my fiverr account no funds in my payoneer account.

i contacted fiverr support who told me to contact payoneer support, payoneer support requested screenshots of my revenue page which i provided and said they would put in a request to fiverr and will get back to me, they never did so i contacted them again through live chat, they told me fiverr had no responded yet, so i sent a message to fiverr support who told me they had not recieved anything from payoneer and requested i provide a screenshot of my chat with payoneer support, unfortunately i had not screenshot that conversation though i did all the other ones before, so i just contacted payoneer again and asked them to confirm they sent a request, because i was chatting with a different payoneer support agent they dint confirm that but requested i provide a screen shot of the withdraw indicating time, amount and that the withraw was to the payoneer account. i told the agent fiverr did show to which account the withdraw was to, so i just provided what was in my earning page. the agent asked i contact fiverr support to give me this info, fiverr says they cannot am left hanging, not sure what to do any suggestions will be much appreciated

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You should approve the transaction, by clicking on the verification link from Payoneer. In some cases, you can find it in the spam section of your e-mail. I would recommend you to log-in on your e-mail, search for “Payoneer” and you would find a mail, verify the transaction. After you do that, you will be redirected to a Payoneer link to confirm.

Most probably the e-mail moved in the spam section.

thank you very much gig_freak, the email was not in my spam but in another email address, after reading your comment i went to the other emails i often use and funny enough the email was there not sure how it got there though because i don’t remember linking that address to my fiverr account.


Maybe your Payoneer account was linked to that particular e-mail address.

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now am trying to figure out how to withdraw from that account to my other payoneer account that i have the card for, would you know how to thanks again, your wonderful

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