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Am having issues with my gigs i need your opinion

I usually get orders with my gig which was on first page. I mean 3 of my gigs are on first page. but this week… i found out my gigs are now inactive. When i search them i wouldn’t see them… This happened to all my gigs on the account. I am thinking of contacting support or what is the best option for me to do

Have you checked you haven’t paused any of the gigs or accidentally ticked out of the office? Which should only be used if you are having a long break from Fiverr, not every night.

If the gigs are inactive, have you tried reactivating them? Or did Fiverr send you a message telling you that they had deactivated them? If Fiver deactivated them, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to make them active again.

I wasn’t told to modify them. When i search my account name… I usually find it and they will display the gigs i have

No i Didn’t do that… I can still see my gigs when i search my fiverr account

So your gigs are active. If you are worried about them not being on the first page any more. Don’t. Gigs get rotated and yours may just be bumped down a few pages for a while to allow other sellers to take the first page. Fiverr is a mysterious being and quite often no one knows why gigs move as they do. Focus on quality work and service, don’t worry where your gig is in the listings.

the service i offer only have a page on fiverr. and it is not there anymore

and also i know that fiverr usually want new seller to get orders too but i wasn’t expecting it to happen with all my gigs

If I search your name on Fiverr 5 of your gigs appear. They are active. If they are active, they are listed somewhere.

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ok thanks . How long can this happen before everything changes to normal … It is. Seven days now that it started

Well gigs get rotated, giving a fair chance for everyone to get orders. So don’t focus on where they are listed. Just be patient :slight_smile:

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Can you show me the gigs? with link?

y, iis there anything you cando to help

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i assume you are worried because you are not getting any orders so this is why this whole thing with the gigs ranking started to preoccupy you .
You are talented and the things that you are doing are great and I am sure there is a lot of work involved behind the finalization of such a project
But as you said being only 1 page for the service you offer it means that there is LOW Demand in this niche
The second thing you should keep in mind is that you are a new seller and charging 500$ for a gig might be unusual for a buyer who comes by looking for your services ( do consider that there are PRO Sellers , verified sellers or TOP Sellers that allmost have a few 300$ sales )
So you should consider lowering your prices at least for a while and work better on the keywords and the optimization of your gigs
As I said above I am sure there is a lot of work involved in what you are doing and I AM NOT saying you should work for free or undervalue your work but in time building confidence and trust as a seller on this site you will be able to set the value you consider you deserve
Wish you a good luck :slight_smile:

Also you should read this Customer Support Response About Gig Ranking Issue . Must Read:

So it apears there is a problem experienced by other users too