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Am I a bad buyer? Why do sellers ignore my orders?

This is the second time it happens to me.

I discuss with a seller, he says he can do the job and sends me a custom offer.

I place the order and after a day I ask if there is any progress, he says “yes” but when I check there is no progress at all.

Is this something that a lot of sellers do here? Am I a bad buyer? Why does that happen?

I understand that fiverr has a resolution center and if the job is not done I will probably get the funds back, but projects have deadlines, we need to meet some numbers and these delays don’t help us be in time.


How many days did the seller include within his offer?

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is he late in delievry of order ? did the deadline met already ?
is there still time left?
there are many factors because sometime sellers have alloted there priority and dates to certain tasks and do that tasks in that certain date that can be reason

What is the delivery time?
If the seller missed the deadline then it’s a problem.
If there is still time until the deadline, chance is, the seller has many orders in queue and you job is still in the line.

They are not late, there is still time left but I worry because l should be able to see some progress. I don’t expect a finished job, but some progress (since the seller said he is working on it).
And yes I understand that my order may be in line, but with a 2 days delivery promise, there is not much room for delaying the order.

if there is time then you should wait dont hurry to any decision give seller time he will deliver your work
some sellers add extra time to gig due to lots of orders so if seller can do that job in 4-5 hrs he can still give 2 days delievry time so wait untill time

if he do not deliver then you have option of resolution center

What was the project and did you agree there will be checkpoints / milestones?

Depends on what did you order and what was the agreement :slight_smile:
For example, if you order a gig that takes 1 week to delivery and you’re asking about the progress the next day, then you’re micromanaging.
If you didn’t agree on checkpoints then seller has no obligation to show you their work before the deadline. Some sellers will inform you about the timeline & communication, but it’s not mandatory.

If you wish to get regular updates then you should discuss this with your seller before making an order :wink:


Alright, thank you all. You are right, I have to be more patient.


glad it helped :slight_smile:

How do you check exactly, if you don’t mind me asking.

If you are talking about progress toward something big and complex like building a website then you can ask to see progress.

If you are talking about something like a resume, a drawing or most other more simple tasks then you should not ask to see progress.

How many days are you talking about?

A good seller should give a daily progress report.

If you get this and then are saying how is it going? more than once a day then you are being a pest.

One thing to remember is that sellers often have other orders in queue alongside yours. Even if they say “yes” that there is progress, that may just mean that they are finishing up orders that were placed before yours or had paid expedited service. All they really need to do is deliver on time. Some sellers have time to send you an update along the way and it’s a nice thing, but they aren’t obligated to do so.

I’ve had some great sellers send me wonderful work at the end of a 7 day order and some of them don’t message me during the 7 days unless I ask a question. If a seller does send me daily updates, I’m more likely to tip them but I don’t expect that much contact if it isn’t needed.


Yes, all sellers are not like you mentioned but a few could be perhaps. Because seller’s rating worths more than the money. Some sellers are so skilful that they can do your work within a few hours so they know how and when to start a certain work. But on the other hand, the seller should be clear in his/her dealings and fulfill the promise to avoid the buyer from any loss. Stay blessed.

No, not necessarily, if the seller gives daily report it is something more appreciable but a seller is not bound to do it on a regular basis until the deadline approaches. I agree with @fonthaunt at this point. That’s why seller negotiates over time duration not just like a student who checks homework daily. Everyone has its own point of view. Cheers!

Why not? Don’t you want to give the very best service you can?

Or do you want to make your buyer wonder every day what’s going on?

Is it really too hard to do? Why be lazy? Honestly, I wish sellers would take more responsibility for great customer service.

I want to hear from a seller every day what they are doing regarding my order. Or they can say “I can’t get to your order until day 3, on which day I will contact you again”. But do not leave a buyer hanging not knowing what or when he will hear from you again.

Not every gig demands this level of communication though.

If you’re providing a product/service which takes 5 days to fulfil, why would the buyer need a message every day only to be told ‘I’m working on it’? Would the buyer not get a bit fed up just being told that their gig’s being worked on before they get the final delivery?

I can see it might be useful for some gigs, but not all.


That’s what I would prefer and that’s how I treat my customers but I’m a perfectionist. Others might not want this.

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A good seller should give a daily progress report.

No he shouldn’t. A good seller should deliver what was promised on time and answer questions, if any. The rest is just gravy. My bank does not call me every day to tell me how much I have left in my account.


Well I guess I’m just funny that way but I like to know every day how it’s going. I like to stay in touch with a seller or buyer until delivery and my clients seem to appreciate that too.

I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like to get a daily update. Is it annoying to get a brief one sentence message with an update?

As I said, at the beginning of the order a message saying that, for example, you will begin work on it on day 3 would be an exception.

I’ve always given daily progress reports and only had one complaint.
Most of my clients seem to be quite eager to hear from me. And we also get judged on communication.

If I do fall behind on communication with clients usually they message me asking how it’s going. Maybe it’s the nature of my gigs but almost constant communication seems to be very much appreciated.

I normally message my buyer when they place an order, and then when I am starting it. If it’s a long or complex piece, I will message thema few times throughout to update them on progress. Otherwise, I just send the piece at the end. It seems to work pretty well - and I am always conscious to set expectations on delivery times.