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Am I a spammer or something?


…because I promote myself and provide excellent customer service? I keep getting penalized for behavior I am apparent unaware of being an critical concern for the community.

Today I received this error message after I checked in with clients and did follow-ups and so-forth last night.

Un-response time is 1 hour but the error says “Messaging disabled… contact support to resolve.”


We are unable to give you a logical answer without reading through your messages. Contact CS and ask them for a reasoning behind this if you’re certain you’re not disobeying any rules.


"We are unable to give you a logical answer without reading through your messages."

I think that was sort of the point since I’m obviously not going to post private messages in a forum like this, but you can still tell me what you think other than state the obvious in an slightly obtuse response.

The error message clearly says “contact support” so repeating that serves an unknown purpose to me.

@kjblynx I am not contacting people regularly. Only answer customer inquiry and following up on that response and their satisfaction level with said response. I figured this has to be in the confines of customer service.

My Issue is where is the line drawn

Furthermore, I have contacted support and in their first reply which was not an immediate solution, was there is an issue with the system identifying and interpreting similar text of said sent messages. This makes your argument slightly invalid because this states that it is the system that has(may have) the issue not the customer, or so I believe.

Now I’m stuck in a position where, I don’t know if I said something wrong to a customer or if there is just an erroneous glitch or mistake that someone is making somewhere.

I am sure it will be all cleared up soon but for now I cant send messages.


What more can you ask of us? If you don’t know then how can you expect us to know? It says contact support for a reason – this is not a rant.


I remember having this happen to me back when the V1 of Fiverr was still in use.

In order to promote my services, I had to message the people who requested gigs. There was no automatic way to do so like there is now, so I copy/pasted most of my messages in order to save time. This flagged me for spamming a couple of times, even though I never sent out more than one message to a certain user. CS was quick to fix it each time it happened to me.

Just like my colleagues said, it may be because you contacted people in your inbox too often, or you sent out advertising messages. Regardless of what the reason is, the best you can do is contact support and see what they have to say about it.


Reply to @danielzo:

Yes Thank you. I have contacted them and am awaiting the response and solution.

I don’t like the new buyer requests in V2. You are limited at how many request you send out per day. That seems to be an hindrance and then the gigs to present are chosen for you automagically by default and dont think thats an productive feature either.


Don’t worry about that. I’ve received that a few times before, even though I only message buyers who message me, etc. After messaging support they will remove the block immediately.