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Am I a sucker?


Am I a sucker, If I have paid more than $5.00 to get the person to do the work asked for in the 1st gig?


Depends on the work.

If it’s something requiring time and hard-work then it’s well worth it.


Some sellers will not do a simple task for 5 bucks and demand more than one gig order for a lot of work.


Maybe, maybe not! Please provide more information :slight_smile:


I have gotten this many times from sellers who post that they will do the task for $5 then when you ask them if they can do it they say it’s more than one gig.

Example: I will create a 3D model of anything for you for $5. I went to school for 3D animation so I do know that $5 is cheap for this sort of thing, however if you say you will do it for $5 then you should do it for $5. I asked the guy to create a simple 3D robot spider, and he told me I had to purchase 10 gigs to do this. This is fiverr so asking for more money should be banned.


From the Fiverr TOS:

Whenever you see the ‘I will __ for $5™’, that means that the seller is offering their Gig® for the fixed price of $5.

In laymans terms this means that sellers are obligated to offer their basic service for $5 if your work demands more on the seller that their basic service can not cover then you should buy gig extras or order multiple gigs to cover the shortfall.

If you are told from the outset that the seller WILL NOT do the basic service for $5 please contact support. If they say they wont do it for $5 and demand more gigs are purchased for their basis service then they are breaking the TOS,


Wayne Austin


The title of this post is “Am I a Sucker?” no you are human and fallible, just keep your eyes and ears open


Always carefully read gig descriptions. Some book trailer gigs, for example, are for 30 seconds or so at a time. If you order without reading and expect a full 2-3 minute trailer, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

But if the gig does not specify what the initial five dollars covers, then it is the seller’s fault for not being specific. The seller should, in this case, honor the order. I’ve had many prime examples of this on my book trailer gig. People will ask me to do something that I never would have thought of, and it turns out to be a lot of work. So I do the request anyway at no extra charge, then I’m sure to add that onto the gig description and/or buyer instructions.

Also, just to share a similar experience, I once contacted a seller (glad I did that before ordering) about doing a very simple drawing. I just needed a castle on a hill. Not even a fancy castle - just a rough sketch or basic outline would do. He wanted to charge six or seven gigs for it! I about choked on my lunch.

I told him he was over-thinking it, and that I could draw my own basic castle on a hill. The only difference is that if I do it, it’ll look like a child’s drawing, since I don’t have any drawing skills. If someone that knows what they’re doing does it, it’ll look like a drawing. So he agreed to do it for one gig, but then he sent me a teeny-tiny image, like, smaller than a thumbnail image (even though I had told him what size I would need). I just shook my head and decided to walk away. I’m sure he would have asked for another gig order if I had asked for a larger image.

So yeah, the lesson is to read things carefully and contact the seller first to make sure he/she can do what you need. :slight_smile:


You should definitely contact customer supprt. @ozzieuk provided some good info for you.


The key term here s “basic gig” and what the seller stated. For example, I state I will create a postcard design for $5. However, that does NOT include images if I have to supply them (since I have to pay for membership to get stock art) nor does it cover the backside. I also have extras for printing.

So I agree, sellers should be very specific what their BASIC gig is and what comes with it.

I disagree with “Seller should do EVERYTHING on Fiverr for $5” - there are legitimate extras, hence the feature.


I know at least for my writing gig I provide basic 1k words of a short story for people for the $5 and when someone has asked for more I have either told them to purchase a second gig or did it for free depending on the length they ask for. Case by case for me until I get gig extras.


I am new to fiverr, but so far I would say that 60-70% of providers are asking for more than $5. Providers need to be clearer about what they will and will not do and for how much.


Read that last sentence again by madmoo, it’s what fiverr is all about.

But don’t be bullied into giving your particular service away for five bucks just because the buyer doesn’t want to pay for the correct number of gigs.

As most people have already said describe your gig accurately so buyers are under no illusions that they can get a 50 buck job done for a fiver.


ugh… I have a feeling, that having a disclaimer in description with “contact me before ordering” is a turn-off for buyers. Or is it just me?

It’s not, that I want to charge them more for their order, but it’s just a simple security in case of having a work impossible to make.


Not necessarily. I have paid one particular seller much more than the obligatory $5 because she does fabulous work, goes above and beyond, and always delivers a professional, on-time product. I think one thing that is worrisome in the US is how cheap we’ve all become. We all want something for virtually nothing (which is why sites like Fiverr can actually exist and profit). Now, I’m not complaining; I play the game right along with the rest of them. But the race to the bottom is neither flattering nor sustainable. So I think as we’re all pretty much moonlighters, freelancers or microbusiness owners, it wouldn’t hurt us to chip in a little extra from time to time.

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Tell me about it. At least it makes me happy that people find good use in work I do, because in my country I would starve to death from such business. But here, I like to progress and upgrade my gigs in case anyone finds this a great business upgrade they always searched for and pays that extra money my work is really worth. In what country did you see a proper green screen production starting at 5$. Even for 500$ it’ll be hard to find.

On Fiverr I still didn’t find almost anyone with such high production value. Or maybe I should lower the quality to seem more appealing? ^^’