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Am I a top rated seller?


It’s showing a T at side of my username


you haven’t completed a job yet. But how to you are a top rated seller? :smile: So Funny :smile:


How funny it is. smile: :smile:


Lol :slight_smile: Fiverr support team like you too much


Really. I have just received 4 100$ orders within 7 days…
Why did fiverr do this?, Is this a glitch ?


I think you are the first one who became TRS within a month…LOL :joy:

I think it is a system error!!


:anguished: where’s the badge?


i’m pretty sure It’s a glitch


That’s a system glitch I think


Yeah… it must be a glitch


I don’t know man, it’s just showing in the startup


It isn’t.
The ‘T’ is what is showing when you aren’t a level 1, 2, or TRS. I don’t know why, but if you check, that’s the case.


It’s behind the logo, you have to tilt your screen at a 85 angle degree to see it.


It seems You Are using It as Background !
And Dreaming to Become Top Rated …
Not bad Dream


No the “T” is on several on the new fiverr app.

I’ve explained what’s going on above.


Leave, No need to cry


Be happy. It might be temporally but at least now you have the feeling of becoming a TRS even for a day.:slight_smile:


It is just A DREAM Anyone who want to became TRS